Connecting Rural Entrepreneurs to Business-Building Resources in Northwest Missouri

NWMOSourceLink Connects Rural Entrepreneurs to Business-Building Resources
Meet NWMOSourceLink, SourceLink’s newest community in our entrepreneurial network. Powered by the Northwest Missouri Roundtable of Economic Developers, NWMOSourceLink connects aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners to the resources they need to start, scale or accelerate their business in the 18-county region of northwest Missouri.

Connecting business owners to the right source at the right time

Starting a business is hard enough as it is. Now entrepreneurs and business owners in northwest Missouri have access to The Resource Navigator® database, where users can answer a few questions about their business stage and need and get connected to local resources that offer the services they need to start and grow their businesses. Nonprofit organizations, government agencies and universities list their services on this interactive database.

The Resource Navigator not only helps entrepreneurs find the right resource at the right time, it also allows administrators to track, measure and report entrepreneurial requests and outcomes for the northwest Missouri region.

NWMOSourceLink already has 150 organizations providing a range of services, including business plan development, market analysis, financing, operations assistance, education and more. The Resource Navigator continues to expand as more partners enlist.

Vital Resource Partners include business development groups, government agencies, lenders and other sources of growth capital, networking initiatives and professional service providers.

Leveraging the SourceLink network

Entrepreneurship is local—and no two communities are the same. That’s why a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. To grow entrepreneurship, you have to understand who your entrepreneurs are, what they need and how to surround them with the resources that will help them grow.

Because NWMOSourceLink is part of the SourceLink network, they are able to leverage the tools and consulting SourceLink provides while focusing on economic growth for their entrepreneurial community.

The NWMOSourceLink network is based on the successful SourceLink model and uses SourceLink Pro®, a custom-designed software application allowing the region to better monitor entrepreneurial activity in the area. While the Resource Navigator helps entrepreneurs find resources, SourceLink Pro allows service providers to track, measure and report on entrepreneurial outcomes—and make strategic plans to improve entrepreneurial services.

Connect with the nationwide entrepreneurial ecosystem

When you join SourceLink, you join a nationwide network of thought leaders, ecosystem builders and on-the-ground practitioners. From Seattle to San Juan, SourceLink friends and affiliates are all committed to strengthening local economies, growing opportunities and championing entrepreneurship. Join us—and let us connect you to entrepreneurial champions who are helping make entrepreneurship easier for everyone, everywhere.