Resource Navigator

Map your resources.

The Resource Navigator® is an excellent tool for identifying and organizing a region’s entrepreneurial support resources and making them visible to entrepreneurs. 

The Resource Navigator® provides a systematic way to identify and organize community resources into an easy-to-use online database.  It simplifies the process of linking clients to the right resource at the right time.  Users can enter a few pieces of key information about the nature of their business and receive a refined list of providers whose offerings meet their client’s specific need.

Administrators like:

  • The easy-to-use database that efficiently captures information about entrepreneurship resources in the community

  • Simple reports that track system usage by zip code, industry, business stage, assistance requested and more

  • Customizable search categories that can be changed to meet the needs of a community

Entrepreneurs like:

  • The easy-to-use point and click interface that gets them directly to the resources they need to succeed