R&D for Your Entrepreneurial Community

Survey: R&D for your entrepreneurial communityVibrant and sustainable entrepreneurial communities are built on a solid infrastructure of connected networks—entrepreneurs that are informed, resources that are visible, programs that are relevant and collisions that are timely and impactful. 

And we know that entrepreneurial communities struggle with this. 

Entrepreneurs are often lost and don’t know where to find help. Resources are scattered, siloed and difficult to find. Programs are haphazard, often chasing the latest trend rather than focused on filling gaps.

Those are the challenges we at SourceLink help our affiliates overcome. We help identify and categorize resources in their communities, connect them together and with entrepreneurs, empower collaborations that fill gaps and then, and this is really key, measure those efforts.

Increase visibility

More than three-quarters (77%) of our affiliates tell us The Resource Navigator® is one of the most valuable and utilized solutions for connecting entrepreneurs with resources.

With Resource Navigator, our affiliates provide their entrepreneurs (and wannapreneurs) with an online, interactive and categorized directory of resources. Entrepreneurs can filter resources by need, location, industry, business stage and more. This gives entrepreneurs one-stop access to resources in their community ready to help them start and grow their businesses, 24/7.

Fill gaps

The Resource Navigator aggregates searches by entrepreneurs to give communities a snapshot of what entrepreneurs need—and what’s missing. With that information, our affiliates can report back to stakeholders about the queries of their entrepreneurs and the resources they most rely on, which informs next steps communities should take to create a cohesive and responsive network of support.


Measure efforts

Measurement is built into our solutions—The Resource Navigator, SiteConnex℠, gap analysis and capital access reports and Entrepreneur Dashboard℠—but it’s Biz-Trakker®, SourceLink’s comprehensive client relationship management (CRM) system, that nearly 90 percent of users find most helpful in their day-to-day operations.

Biz-Trakker is a CRM built for entrepreneurial communities, letting them track, survey and showcase success, so they can make fact-based program decisions—and share their importance and impact with stakeholders.


Get support

Technology tools can be static and stale unless they’re backed by dynamic support. We at SourceLink believe wholeheartedly in putting a human face, complete with insight and responsiveness into the R&D we bring to entrepreneurial community development.

We consistently enhance our solutions based on affiliate insight, offer unlimited technical support to our communities, and we’re proud of the results: 94% rated our customer service, tech support and training as excellent or above average.

And we mine that feedback for ways we can be better.

Based on affiliate requests, we are converting our quarterly newsletter into a monthly digest of best practices and thought leadership, we’re launching a webinar series to offer more opportunities for training and trading of best practices, we’re adding a comparative snapshot to our affiliate annual reports, and we’re using affiliate feedback to make our Biz-Trakker, The Resource Navigator and SiteConnex even more responsive to their needs.

How can we help power your entrepreneurial community?