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Hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

2016 Summit Agenda (with presentations) | 2016 Speaker Biographies | Notes & Pictures Below

May 4 & 5, 2016

Focused on entrepreneurial development, the Growing Entrepreneurial Communities Summit brings together a variety of best practice programs from all disciplines—economic development, academia, for profit; urban and rural entrepreneurship—in one place.

With practitioner round tables and an EntreCamp (think "unconference"-style, deep-dive breakouts on topics of your choice), the Summit is designed to open discussions and enrich conversations around what it takes to build a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Four plenary sessions will focus on the building blocks of an ecosystem. The interactive breakout sessions will allow speakers and participants to explore design, execution and impact.

2016 Growing Entrepreneurial Communities SummitKey questions:

  • What does an entrepreneurial ecosystem look like?
  • How do you know if a community is ready to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem?
  • How do you get started building an entrepreneurial ecosystem?
  • How do you measure if it’s working?


Click below to access Summit notes:

  1. What is an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?
  2. Is Your Community Ready to Build an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?
  3. How Do You Get Started Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

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This event was a collaboration between the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, Edward Lowe Foundation, NetWork Kansas and SourceLink.

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