SiteConnex™ Website

Make entrepreneurial support accessible with a central portal

A streamlined website solution for entrepreneurial ecosystems

Community leaders and entrepreneurs often tell us that it’s difficult to know where to turn for business help, that step-by-step business guides do not exist, and that there is a lack of awareness of the wealth of networking and business events and classes available.

The SourceLink SiteConnex™ website platform will put your entrepreneurial ecosystem directly in the line of sight of entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking for trusted, reliable and relevant resources to start and grow their businesses.

SiteConnex can empower your community with:

A one-stop resource hub and integrated marketing platform

Matching software to connect entrepreneurs to resources

A shared community calendar of business events

Trusted business startup and growth guides

The SiteConnex platform is a hub where everyone in the entrepreneurial ecosystem can get up-to-date information.

Why use our website platform?

The SiteConnex website platform is the front door to your network for the entrepreneurs in your region. It goes beyond simply sharing information—it’s a central hub for entrepreneurship resources, and the story woven through it amplifies your ecosystem’s work and impact.

Entrepreneurs will have easy access to content that helps them start or grow a business, as well as multiple ways for them to quickly and simply connect with the network. We’ve created a platform that streamlines everything your network needs into a highly effective, SEO-optimized tool that can be quickly launched at an affordable cost.

For the partners in your network, SiteConnex gives them centralized visibility in the community and control over their own data, a perk that usually only comes from costly custom-tailored web development. With a dedicated hub showcasing their services, they’ll benefit from both a free promotional boost and easy integration with their other social media and marketing automation efforts. This visibility helps both resource partners and entrepreneurs better understand available services and organization specialties, leading to higher-quality referrals across the network.

“One of the great things about the SourceLink platform is that it is so flexible, and the sky’s the limit as to how you can use these tools. The platform has a deeper dive that shows the breadth and depth of resources available to the partners and entrepreneurs in Iowa.”

- Amy Kuhlers

Program Manager, Iowa Economic Development Authority


Our website platform includes:


Create the most comprehensive business events calendar by showcasing events, workshops and seminars hosted by your network partners. Entrepreneurs can filter to find events of interest and network administrators can easily approve events shared by partners.


The platform supports a hotline, chatbots and surveys to promote your organization as a single contact point and collect valuable information about your ecosystem.


A wealth of activity-related information is available and integrated directly into the platform. Usage reports provide further insight into business needs and demographics.


Software is enhanced quarterly based on feedback from our partners.