Mark Galeassi

Technical Director

Mark Galeassi is senior programmer for SourceLink. He is highly experienced with internet technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), systems design and visual communication for the SourceLink network.

Mark oversees dozens of websites, regularly interacts and implements new technology developments for over 50 clients, and frequently is called on to translate complex real-world issues into practical technology solutions for both staff and clients, alike.

A programming expert, Mark’s role goes beyond the technical as he seeks to develop and understand how web solutions can empower entrepreneurial support organizations to be as effective as possible. For the technologists, Mark has no shortcoming of coding experience; everything from C#, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML to CSS, with a keen eye for SEO and user experience.

Several of Mark’s most impressive technology solutions include multiple custom-built, database-driven technologies for SourceLink affiliates. Examples include a business license smart-search engine, an event campaign manager for week-long entrepreneur celebrations, and a robust mentoring module for young firms to connect with advisors and boards.

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