Krista Markley

Director of Business Development

Krista Markley, in her role as the Director of Business Development at SourceLink, assumes the responsibility of providing consulting services for those who are dedicated to creating supportive ecosystems for entrepreneurs in their communities. Working closely with ecosystem builders and seasoned economic development professionals, Krista serves as a consultant, offering specialized software solutions tailored specifically to support the needs of entrepreneurs. Additionally, she and the SourceLink team provide hands-on training to enhance local efforts in nurturing a thriving entrepreneurial environment.

Before joining SourceLink, Krista accumulated extensive experience in sales and business development within the media and advertising industry. She excelled as a sales and business development consultant, collaborating closely with community and business leaders to deliver outstanding outcomes. Notably, she played a pivotal role in successfully launching a variety of new products, leading to significant revenue growth.

Additionally, Krista possesses a wealth of expertise in selling sponsorships and organizing highly successful events, ranging from virtual gatherings to large-scale affairs. Her experience extends to working with associations and technology vendors. Through collaborative partnerships with each client, she skillfully identified their unique business needs, ensuring the implementation of tailored programs and products that drove their success. Her consultative selling approach and proficiency in building relationships were particularly instrumental in her previous success.

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