R&D for your entrepreneurial community. Identify, connect, empower and measure.


the entrepreneurial resources in your community and make them visible

Connect Connect

your community through a central hub – a robust website, a one-stop hotline and/or a community calendar of events

Empower Empower

your ecosystem by engaging, listening, responding and collaborating to solve problems and fill gaps

Measure Measure

your impact, based on your entrepreneurial ecosystem’s stage of development

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Our Top Blogs on Growing Entrepreneurial Communities

SourceLink's Top Blog Posts about Growing Entrepreneurship in 2017

What trends in entrepreneurship and economic development are we going to see in 2018? Before we look ahead, it's important to reflect on what we learned the previous year. Here’s what our readers wanted to know about growing entrepreneurial communities in 2017.

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Year in Review: Growing Entrepreneurship in 2017

SourceLink's Year in Review - Growing Entrepreneurship in 2017

Here's a look back at 2017 and what our network has accomplished as we’ve helped communities across the nation (50+!) grow better and stronger entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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Round Up: The Role of Entrepreneurs in Economic Disaster Recovery

The Role of Entrepreneurs in Economic Disaster Recovery

Entrepreneurship allows a community hit by a natural disaster to come together and creatively solve problems in economic recovery.

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Our Team

Maria Meyers

Maria Meyers

Founder of SourceLink. Maria helps communities build—and measure— entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Rob Williams

Rob Williams

Director of SourceLink. Rob covers all things related to building more connected and more impactful entrepreneurial infrastructures.

Dara Macan

Dara Macan

Director of global business development for SourceLink. Dara connects entrepreneurial communities with solutions to “grow their own” and drive economic impact.

Pola Firestone

Pola Firestone

Relationship Manager and Affiliate Liaison for SourceLink. Pola supports SourceLink’s entrepreneurial communities, helping them find ways to increase their visibility and value.

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