Event Campaign

Raise the visibility of your community’s entrepreneurial events.

Startup Week, National Small Business Week, Veterans Small Business Week, Global Entrepreneurship Week, even pitch competitions—entrepreneurship is seeded with the critical collisions that happen during these high profile, in-person events.

But entrepreneurship only becomes sustainable when you provide the infrastructure to help entrepreneurs make true and lasting connections.

SourceLink’s Campaign Calendar can be that first step to turn collisions into connections. It helps you promote entrepreneurial events in your region, letting you craft a unique campaign around a particular event or theme.

In addition, because it helps you build and segment your list, it can also serve as an important conduit to help get people to the right entrepreneurail resources after your event, and sustain the momentum your entrepreneurial event sparked.

Pull events to showcase your community’s events around, for example, National Mentoring Month (January), National Entrepreneurship Week (February), National Small Business Week (May), Global Entrepreneurship Week (November)—or create your Campaign Calendar around your own conference, pitch competition or series of workshops.

Users can . . .

  • Sign in with their email or preferred social media account
  • Filter events by categories
  • Build their personal agenda
  • Save and email their own agenda

Administrators can . . .

  • Highlight your entrepreneurial events
  • Build (and segment) your email list
  • Track registrations
  • Check in attendees
  • Survey attendees to find out which events were most valuable and what connections were made
  • Build your entrepreneurial community


Here's how our affiliate KCSourceLink use the SourceLink Event Campaign Calendar to promote Global Entrepreneurship Week:

GEW Event Campaign Calendar

Event Campaign Sign In


Entrepreneurial ecosystem builders can . . .

  • Upload and manage their own events
  • Track registrations, live
  • Check in attendees on the day of their event via a mobile-ready page
  • Download an Excel file of attendees for their own marketing and survey use

And because it syncs with the SourceLink Calendar, you can double your impact and visibility without increasing your work load.

See it in action.

See the SourceLink Campaign Calendar in action. Visit www.gewkc.org to see how KCSourceLink leverages the calendar to promote Global Entrepreneurship Week and the 160+ events hosted by KCSourceLink Resource Partners. 

Connections made easy. Entrepreneurship made easier.

Want to know more about how to connect your entrepreneurs before, during and after your Startup Week, National Business Week, or Global Entrepreneurship Week?

Email us at hello@joinsourcelink.com

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