Research and Toolkits

Building Entrepreneurial Community

The Future of Economic Development; Moving towards growth, prosperity, and inclusion. Amy Liu, Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program. IEDC Summit, January 2017

Small Business Growth: A New Priority for Urban Economic Developers, Kimberly Zeuli and Kathleen O'Shea. IEDC Economic Development Journal, Winter 2016

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Support organizations and remediating the gender gap in entrepreneurial ecosystems: A case study of St. Louis, Karren K. Watkins, University of Pennsylvania, Banu Ozkazanc-Pan, University of Massachusetts Boston, Susan Clark, Muntean University of North Carolina (UNC) at Asheville, and Yasuyuki Motoyama, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Winter 2015

One Definition Does Not Fit All: The Four Types of Entrepreneurs, Maria Meyers, California Economic Development Journal, Summer 2014

U.S.SourceLink - Making the U.S. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Visible, Maria Meyers, The IEDC Economic Development Journal, Winter 2011  

Integrating Local Service Providers to Connect Entrepreneurs with the Right Resource at the Right Time, Maria Meyers, The IEDC Economic Development Journal, Winter 2008  

KCSourceLink: Providing Entrepreneurs the Right Resource at the Right Time, Maria Meyers, Economic Development America, Summer 2007

What an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Actually Is, Daniel Isenberg, Harvard Business Review, May 12, 2014

Building scale and sustaining growth: The surprising drivers of job creation, Gary Kunkle, Edward Lowe Foundation’s Institute for Exceptional Growth Companies, 2013

Pumping up Entrepreneurial Culture, Edward Lowe Foundation, 2011

Building a More Entrepreneurial Region 2000: A strategy and action plan for nurturing small business and entrepreneurs, EntreWorks Consulting, November 2011


City Initiatives for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a Resource for City Leadership. John Gibson, Matthew Robinson, and Scott Cain, June 2015.

Growing State Economies: Twelve Actions, National Governor’s Association, 2012

State Strategies to Promote Angel Investment for Economic Growth, NGA Center for Best Practices Issue Brief, 2008  

Supporting Entrepreneurs and Small Business: A Tool Kit for Local Leaders, National League of Cities, Center for Research and Innovation, 2011

Entrepreneurship and Higher Education

Higher Education Engagement in Economic Development: Foundations for Strategy and Practice, University Economic Development Association, August 2015

The Innovative and Entrepreneurial University: Higher Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Focus, U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Economic Development Administration, October 2013

Additional Resources

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