Beyond Collisions: How to Build Your Entrepreneurial Infrastructure

Maria Meyers of SourceLink's Beyond Collisions book

Here at SourceLink, we help build entrepreneurial communities all across the country by sharing our tools, consulting and the collected best practices of 15 years and more than 100 entrepreneurial communities.

Beyond Collisions: How to Build Your Entrepreneurial Infrastructure, written by our own Maria Meyers and Kate Hodel, shares those on-the-ground lessons and the methodology that has helped SourceLink communities make entrepreneurial resources more visible and make entrepreneurship a key economic driver. In addition, Beyond Collisions shares stories from thought leaders and practitioners who have brought their communities together on the same agenda and moved forward to support entrepreneurship.

And those stories have sparked more conversations. Below, we’ve gathered just a few of the posts, interviews and stories surrounding Beyond Collisions to show how communities can put entrepreneurship first.

Entrepreneurship is not easy—and building a sustainable infrastructure for entrepreneurs requires deep knowledge, experience, funding and champions. But it’s a long-term strategy that will pay off for the future of your community. If you have any questions on how to build an entrepreneurial infrastructure to support your entrepreneurs, please reach out.

Six Hallmarks of Entrepreneurial Infrastructure Leadership, The CEO Magazine
At the very core of building entrepreneurial infrastructure is strong leadership. Maria dives into the six indicators of what it takes to lead change in building a local entrepreneurial ecosystem. One major hallmark is letting others take credit. Support others who are also making big strides and make sure ego doesn’t lead you in the wrong direction.

Five Keys to Entrepreneurial Infrastructure Funding, ValueWalk
Without funding, even the strongest intentions will not follow through. Maria and Kate discuss the different ways of funding your efforts to unite your entrepreneurial community. This article outlines real life steps that Maria follows when funding Kansas City’s own KCSourceLink.



Making Entrepreneurship Easier, Entrepreneurially Thinking
Maria and Kate discuss the importance of data and how an entrepreneurial community can share its story through its numbers. The two share how community leaders can find and navigate their data by sharing available resources and tools.

Winning Where You Stand with Maria Meyers Founder and Owner of SourceLink, The Entrepreneur Way
You have to be entrepreneurial about growing entrepreneurship. Maria opens up and gives insight into her own motivation in starting KCSourceLink 15 years ago and what she did before she helped communities unite their entrepreneurial ecosystems. Discover who Maria looks up to and what drives her to do what seems to be impossible.

Build Your Entrepreneurial Community, Action Now CFO
Maria talks about KCSourceLink’s early days before entrepreneurship became so popular and how the organization raised funding and awareness to connect Kansas City’s entrepreneurial community. It’s an informative look into the business development side of an entrepreneurial organization.

What’s the Future of Entrepreneurship?, The Small Business Advocate
Kate talks about the book Beyond Collisions and how SourceLink guides communities in supporting their entrepreneurs.

Do Entrepreneurs Need More Help These Days?, The Small Business Advocate
Entrepreneurship is hard and not everyone is meant to become a business owner. Kate talks about how communities can support and guide their entrepreneurs.

Your next action step

Marshal support for entrepreneurship to make your community better and help people change their lives. Read Beyond Collisions: How to Build Your Entrepreneurial Infrastructure for actionable strategies and steps toward moving your entrepreneur community forward. Or take a sneak peek and download the chapter Measure What Matters: a key piece of information to measure the success of your community’s efforts.