Our Top Blogs on Growing Entrepreneurial Communities

What trends in entrepreneurship and economic development are we going to see in 2018? We’ve seen more and more communities begin to map their assets and resources into a network that is easily accessible for entrepreneurs and business owners. Before we can look ahead, we’d like to reflect on what we have learned.

We’ve compiled a list of our top performing blogs of 2017. In the previous years, our top posts were related to the basics of ecosystem building like understanding what an entrepreneurial ecosystem is and what it means. However in 2017, our readers were looking for more specific articles on further developing their entrepreneurial community infrastructure.

Looking at our top posts of 2017, we can break down what our readers were interested in by these topics:

●     Reaching and developing entrepreneurship in distressed communities

●     Events to further develop connections and understanding

●     Further developing entrepreneurial infrastructure

Here’s what our readers wanted to know about growing entrepreneurial communities in 2017:


10. Round Up: EShip Summit Insights
Round Up: #EShipSummit  Insights

Here’s a roundup of insights and perspectives about the Kauffman Foundation’s #ESHIPSummit from entrepreneurial developers all across the nation and the growing community of entrepreneurship.


9. The Making of America’s Most Entrepreneurial City
Making an Entrepreneurial City

In 2011, Kansas City set an audacious goal: to become America’s most entrepreneurial city. The community set a path to build entrepreneurship, measure it and tell that story to the world.


8. Round Up: How to Grow a Vibrant Community of Entrepreneurs in Rural America
How to Grow a Vibrant Community of Entrepreneurs in Rural America

What is being done to help rural economies leverage entrepreneurship as an economic development and community growth strategy? Here’s your roundup of articles on growing rural entrepreneurship, curated just for you.


7. How Do You Support Entrepreneurship?
SourceLink: How do you support entrepreneurship in your community?

How do you build entrepreneurial ecosystems and support a sustainable infrastructure? Here’s our methodology in supporting, connecting and advancing entrepreneurship all across the United States.


6. Upcoming Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Conferences
Upcoming Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Conferences

It’s conference season and we’ll be out and about to bring insights in entrepreneurship ecosystem building back to you.


5. Making the Case (and Connections) for Inclusive Entrepreneurship
The Case for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship happens everywhere—not just on the coasts. It happens in urban centers and rural communities, among tech innovators and in shops on Main Street. Here’s how we can invite even more people to the table.


4. 9 #ESHIPSummit Takeaways from Ecosystem Builders
Kauffman Foundation ESHIPSummit for Ecosystem Builders

We asked our staff, strategic partners and SourceLink community leaders to share some of their key insights from the Kauffman Foundation’s #ESHIPSummit.


3. How Do You Attract Entrepreneurs to a Small Town?
Growing Rural Entrepreneurship through Youth Entrepreneurship

Cultivating entrepreneurship is one thing, but what if your community “doesn’t have” any entrepreneurs? Erik Pedersen of NetWork Kansas shares how to attract entrepreneurs (and the jobs they create) to a small town.


2. 3 Serious Myths about Rural Entrepreneurship
Here's how economic developers can support rural entrepreneurs in their community.

Rural entrepreneurship matters. What can we do to better surround our rural entrepreneurs with the resources they need to grow?


1. A Year of Entrepreneurship: Calendar of Events to Celebrate Entrepreneurs and Economic Development
Calendar of Events to Celebrate Entrepreneurs and Economic Development

Here’s a short-ish list of events, campaigns and conferences around entrepreneurship and economic development. Read our 2018 list of entrepreneurship-led events

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