Startup Day across America

Startup Day across America
Entrepreneurial ecosystem builders like you often work away on entrepreneurship with your heads down, connecting people to resources and advancing the economic power of entrepreneurship.

But this month needs to be a little different. This month it’s time to lift up your heads and your voices with the policymakers in Congress and let them know the crucial and critical role startups play in our economy.

On August 1, members of Congress were invited to celebrate and connect with local startups in their congressional district in an effort called Startup Day across America. While August 1 has passed, the Kauffman Foundation is encouraging startup entrepreneurs to reach out to policymakers to explain the challenges entrepreneurs face in order to generate support for startups. They’ve even created a quick guide to assist entrepreneurs in connecting with Congress.

How to Request a Meeting with Your Senator or Representative

Make the request as far in advance as possible.
When making a request, be sure to include detailed information about the meeting, including:

  • Audience (who, how many, and from where)
  • Type (tour, roundtable, speech)
  • Date and location
  • Whether the event is open to the public or private
  • Whether media will be invited to attend the meeting

Follow up, but not too often. Many members’ schedules are not set until a week or two before an event. When making a request, it’s a good idea to ask the scheduler when you should follow up or expect a response.