Roundup: From Connections to Entrepreneurial Community

What do entrepreneurs really need to start, survive and thrive?

Some say “an entrepreneurial ecosystem,” that living hive of entrepreneurs, community, culture, support and capital that lifts innovative ideas, accelerates commercialization, creates jobs and, in turn, ignites entrepreneurial vibrancy.

But for those not quite at the fully integrated ecosystem level, the first step is to create an entrepreneurial infrastructure.

Jeff Hoffman, serial entrepreneur and a founding team member and former CEO of, popped up this slide of essential entrepreneurial ingredients during his Techweek talk on global entrepreneurship in Kansas City last September. He defines that first step as a “categorized list of resources.” 

Jeff Hoffman presentation at Tech Week KC

When you identify the resources in your community, map and categorize them, you get at the core of what a specific entrepreneurial community is and how to fill its gaps to better serve and support entrepreneurs.  

Here’s more on how communities and thought leaders are mapping those connections, making them relevant to their entrepreneurs and moving their regions toward entrepreneurial density and vibrancy.


Communities across America Are Harnessing Entrepreneurism to Drive Growth
Victor Hwang, Fox News, 10/2016

Kauffman Foundation’s Vice President of Entrepreneurship Victor Hwang speaks about building connections to drive an entrepreneurial ecosystem. These connections span from access to capital, empowerment through education and creating trust.


Steve Case on Opportunity outside Silicon Valley: ‘There’s Still Work to Be Done’
Linda Lacina, Entrepreneur, 09/2016

AOL founder and Revolution CEO, Steve Case is touring the country on the Rise of the Rest tour to celebrate entrepreneurship and highlight what we already know: cities outside of Silicon Valley can sustain thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems. “On the local level, we need to create more of a network density in cities, more of a sense of collaboration, engagement, commitment and culture around celebrating startups,” Steve Case.


The 4 Cs Needed to Build a Strong Startup Community
Erik Mitisek, Entrepreneur 10/2016

How do you create an entrepreneurial-led community? Celebrate. Connect. Convene. Collaborate. After helping more than 20 communities identify, connect, empower and measure their entrepreneurial communities, we couldn’t agree more—connections are vital, but taking the time to tell the story of your community and collaborate to fill gaps is what keeps startup communities sustainable. 


These Are the 3 Things That Make or Break a Startup City
Ross Baird, Fox News, 10/2016

Using Denver as a prime example, Baird discusses Steve Case’s “three P’s” on how to build a startup community. TLDR: The keys to harnessing a strong startup community are people, place and purpose.