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R&D for your entrepreneurial community. Identify, connect, empower and measure.


the entrepreneurial resources in your community and make them visible

Connect Connect

your community through a central hub – a robust website, a one-stop hotline and/or a community calendar of events

Empower Empower

your ecosystem by engaging, listening, responding and collaborating to solve problems and fill gaps

Measure Measure

your impact, based on your entrepreneurial ecosystem’s stage of development

Solutions to Build Your Entrepreneurial Community

Best Practices

White House Releases FY2018 Budget Proposal - What It Means for Economic Development

Trump and Entrepreneurship

Jeff Finkle of International Economic Development Council outlines proposed budget cuts and their impact on entrepreneurial communities.

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Maximizing Connections at Entrepreneur and Economic Development Conferences

Best practices for attending and speaking at entrepreneur and economic development Conferences

Entrepreneur and economic development conferences are a great way to network with the best and learn while focusing on sustaining and supporting entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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Yes to Steve Case: Entrepreneurial Development Has to Start Locally

Entrepreneurship Starts Local

"Some of the most consequential programs and legislation to spur entrepreneurship — and the jobs that come with it — continue to happen at a more local level.” - Steve Case

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Our Team

Maria Meyers

Maria Meyers

Thought leader in building entrepreneurial communities; inspirational and wicked smart.

Rob Williams

Rob Williams

Patiently nurtures people into entrepreneurial champions; big picture thinker.

Dara Macan

Dara Macan

Creative and curious, connects people and solutions to drive change in communities.

Pola Firestone

Pola Firestone

Attentive to the needs of the customer with a kind word and a cheerful smile.

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