How to Build Your Entrepreneurial Infrastructure

Making Entrepreneurship Easier: A Guide to Building a Vibrant Entrepreneurship Community

Marshal support for entrepreneurship
to m
ake your community better and help people change their lives.

Beyond Collisions: How to Build your Entrepreneurial Infrastructure is the field guide to building and sustaining entrepreneurship in your community.

With practitioner-tested and actionable steps, this book will help you develop a deep understanding of what your entrepreneurial community needs and how to deliberately support your entrepreneurs, beyond one-time programs and organic collisions.

Beyond Collisions shares what SourceLink and our network of ecosystem builders has learned about how to build entrepreneurial support networks  over the past 15 years, including four actions that communities have used to marshal resources and help entrepreneurs start, grow and succeed.

What you'll learn

- Why you should care about entrepreneurship, what is an entrepreneurial infrastructure, who are these entrepreneurs that we want to help?

- The nuts and bolts of what you can do, in your community, to support and encourage entrepreneurs.

- Actionable strategies that will help you identify resources that support entrepreneurs, connect them, empower the network and measure results.

"You can't create an entrepreneurial community, they create themselves. You can create the conditions in which entrepreneurs choose to innovate. You can work across government and universities and private-public partnership lines to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start and grow companies."
—Peter DeSilva, President, Scottrade, Inc.


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