RFP Questions

The following questions have been submitted regarding the entrepreneurship-led economic development curriculum:

1. Is there an anticipated length for the course manual?
The length of the course manual will depend upon whether the course(s) will be presented in person, on line or a combination of the two. The current IEDC in person course manuals run about 100-150 pages and include case studies, examples and resource materials.

2. Will the existing Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development course be required for this new credential?
It is highly likely that the existing Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development course will be required for this credential. The new course(s) will also be a requirement for the new credential. No decision has been made as to what, if any, electives will be offered in association with the credential.

3. What does "facilitation of pilot workshop mean?
Facilitation of pilot workshop means that the consultant will actually "teach" the workshop. We will handle inviting people, location, any other logistics.

4. Should travel costs be incorporated into the proposal?
Please include travel costs into the proposal but break them out separately.