SourceLink In Your Community

How do the entrepreneurs and small businesses in your region find help when they need it? Do they bounce around search engine results, trying to figure out which resources might fit their needs? Or maybe they wade through endless online lists of outdated contact information, only to end up at the wrong resource for their business stage and challenge?

SourceLink was created to help business and community leaders create dynamic, thriving communities by mapping assets, providing innovative practices and implementing tools and programs to foster entrepreneurship. We help community organizations build the network needed to support and sustain entrepreneurship in your region. We offer well-tested tools and processes that connect the dots between entrepreneurs and the resource organizations available to assist them. We help you create a community-wide network that provides higher levels of service and success.

For more information on how you can use SourceLink technologies in your community, please contact Dara Macan 816-235-6145.