Tips and Tricks FAQ

Hotline phone calls are encouraged. Why?

The hotline is the foundation of linking resources to entrepreneurs. The hotline is answered by a real person who gathers information from the callers and recommends the best resource organizations to meet their needs. Many people get the information they need from the Web site, but people still like a friendly voice. This works well, because on the phone a knowledgeable person can probe a caller's needs and provide more in-depth answers which results in a better referral.

How do entrepreneurs find a U.S.SourceLink website?

From the beginning, grass-roots marketing has been a primary method of raising awareness about a U.S.SourceLink program. Our trained staff writes columns and makes presentations to as many organizations as possible. Brochures and hotline business cards are generously distributed everywhere. Getting the word out through news media, including radio and TV interviews, is a high priority as paid advertising is usually cost prohibitive. The network is also relied upon to spread the word and send referrals as well.

What kind of staff is required to manage a U.S.SourceLink program?

Generally speaking, you need a program manager, a person to answer the hotline telephone and administrative support. In addition, the U.S.SourceLink team is also available for consulting on all aspects of U.S.SourceLink operations and management.

What kind of organization usually manages a U.S.SourceLink program?

It varies, depending on the city, state or region. Our U.S.SourceLink programs cover everything from an entire state (Kansas) to cities, such as Atlanta, to regional areas, such as a six-county community in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. 

The key is that for each U.S.SourceLink community, the model solves the problem of identifying the community’s business resources and making them visible and easy to find.

Affiliate Profiles

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