Varshith Thota

Software Developer

Varshith Thota is a software developer at SourceLink with keen interest in technology, entrepreneurship, philosophy, and science. Varshith is skilled in modern software and web application development, cloud computing, and design.

In this role, Varshith builds and oversees websites for institutions that empower entrepreneurship, designs and implements new features and functionalities based on user requirements, manages ongoing updates, and ensures high-performance and availability of the websites.

Varshith has programming experience in PHP, Node.js, and ASP.NET. He is also deeply interested in Generative AI and Machine Learning and recognizes its profound value in achieving entrepreneurship goals, such as improved market analysis, creating a more personalized customer experience, and, most importantly, building better products.

In his free time, he writes short fiction stories and poems, captures beautiful pictures, and researches about new flavors and blends in coffee.

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