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  • Dana Masters

    Dana Masters

    Dana Masters Communications Specialist Linkedin Envelope Dana Masters joins SourceLink as our communication specialist. She joined SourceLink to help the expansion of entrepreneurial ecosystems nationally by connecting economic developers and entrepreneur support organizations to SourceLink’s sustainable solutions. Dana comes from SourceLink’s Kansas City Affiliate, KCSourceLink where she worked with the marketing team. She has a […]

  • Jon Krajack

    Jon Krajack

    Jon Krajack Data Analyst & Web Projects Support Envelope Jon Krajack has extensive experience in research and data analysis. In recent years he has worked for KCSourceLink and SourceLink to lead a variety of research projects. Utilizing the R programming language, he regularly analyzes 10+ million observations to generate jobs reports on entrepreneurial activity throughout […]

  • Ananya Padhiari

    Ananya Padhiari

    Ananya Padhiari Web Application Developer Linkedin Envelope Ananya Padhiari is highly skilled with the creation and enhancement of web application technologies, particularly systems designed to support entrepreneurs and their networks. She brings a high level of API experience to the team with her well-rounded skills and experience in front-end and back-end development. Ananya, a certified […]

  • Pola Firestone

    Pola Firestone

    Pola Firestone Relationship Manager and Affiliate Liaison Linkedin Envelope Pola Firestone is relationship manager and affiliate liaison providing customer service and training to existing SourceLink affiliates, assists with project implementations of new SourceLink networks across the country and coordinates SourceLink gatherings and Affiliate Quarterly Conversations, an exclusive benefit for affiliate members. Through her outreach, she […]

  • Joey Medellin

    Joey Medellin

    Joey Medellin Business Operations Support Linkedin Envelope As one of the longest-tenured associates of SourceLink, Joey Medellin has helped the organization grow from its modest roots into the central hub for entrepreneurship that it is today. Joey juggles multiple balls and never lets one drop. She manages all the administrative details for the organization, from […]

  • Mark Galeassi

    Mark Galeassi

    Mark Galeassi Technical Director Linkedin Envelope Mark Galeassi is senior programmer for SourceLink. He is highly experienced with the creation of new, and expansion of existing web application technologies, particularly systems designed to support entrepreneurs and the network that they operate in. Mark oversees dozens of websites, regularly interacts and implements new technology developments for […]

  • Dara Macan

    Dara Macan

    Dara Macan Director of Global Partnerships and Engagement Linkedin Twitter Envelope Calendar-alt Dara Macan joined SourceLink in 2016 as the director of global partnerships and engagement for SourceLink where she is responsible for identifying market opportunities and building relationships with cross sector leadership to build vibrant and inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystems. Since joining SourceLink she has […]

  • Rob Williams

    Rob Williams

    Rob Williams Director Linkedin Twitter Envelope Rob Williams is director at SourceLink. In this role, Rob helps a variety of communities—from mid-sized cities to entire states—build and improve their entrepreneurial infrastructure. He has extensive project management expertise, including successful implementations of SourceLink consulting and technologies from Seattle to San Juan. Before joining SourceLink, Rob spent […]

  • Maria Meyers

    Maria Meyers

    Maria Meyers Founder Linkedin Envelope Maria Meyers, like the organization she leads, is entrepreneurial about supporting entrepreneurs. She has years of experience in creating successful companies in the high technology, biotechnology, manufacturing and museum industries. She has lived through the struggles of launching a startup, turning it into a small business and sustaining its growth. […]

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