Calendar of Events to Celebrate Entrepreneurs and Economic Development 2022


Attending conferences and celebrating entrepreneur-focused events are some of the best ways to stay up to date with entrepreneurship-led economic development. And certainly, these opportunities let you learn how other communities “do entrepreneurship,” but they also allow you to network with the practitioners and thought leaders who are helping empower entrepreneurs and shape entrepreneurial ecosystems.

But we know it’s hard to keep track of all of the conferences and business-specific holidays and hashtags. So at the end of every year (and again at the end of each quarter), we here at SourceLink sit down and map out our calendars. Which conferences should we attend? Which Twitter chats and hashtags should we follow? And how can we best and better raise the visibility for our affiliates, entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders and entrepreneurship?

Here’s our short list we came up with for 2022.

Below, you’ll see just a few of the business— and entrepreneurial–related events we celebrate or create. These events help us shine the national spotlight on local entrepreneurs and on–the–ground resources that make local economies and their entrepreneurial ecosystems vibrant and vital.

By no means do we create a full–blown campaign out of everything on this list, but we do use it as a foundation (a post, a tweet) to help our communities and entrepreneurs stay abreast of the national conversations happening around entrepreneurship. (This list does not serve as an endorsement for non–SourceLink events.) 

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April 2022

National Library Week 2022, April 3 - 9 #NationalLibraryWeek

Startup Champions Network Summit, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, April 5 - 6

Skoll World Forum 2022, hybrid, Oxford, UK, April 5 - 8 #skollwf

National Get to Know Your Customer Day, April 21, #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay

2022 Watermark Conference for Women, April 25 - 29 #watermarkconf 

AACC 2022 Collective Impact Action Summit, virtual, April 26 - 28

American Association of Community Colleges Annual Conference (AACC), April 30 - May 3, New York, NY #AACC102



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