Supercharge Your Entrepreneurship Program

Making Entrepreneurship Easier: A Guide to Building a Vibrant Entrepreneurship Community



How can you turn your program into the hub of your entrepreneurial ecosystem?



Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem is a hot topic, but what does that look like for your community—and how can your program be at the center of it?

Hear about on-the-ground programs that have led the momentum for their communities and learn how to be the hub for entrepreneurship. In the deck, Maria shares five ways you can supercharge your program to identify entrepreneurial assets, connect entrepreneurs to resources, empower a sustainable ecosystem, measure your success and fund your momentum.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover and make visible hidden resources in your entrepreneurial community that can pave the path for entrepreneurs' success.
  • Learn how to be the strongest link in the chain for entrepreneurs by helping them link back and move forward.
  • Learn ways to measure an entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • What do funders look for?



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