The Resource Navigator®

Map your resources.

The Resource Navigator® is a dynamic, interactive directory that provides easy identification, organization and visibility of a region's support resources. Users enter a few pieces of information, and the smart search engine offers a list of resource providers whose offerings meet their unique needs. The Resource Navigator® has proven to be effective in a number of markets, including entrepreneurs and veterans looking for business assistance, as well as families seeking for autism resources.

Administrators like:

  • The easy-to-use database that efficiently captures information about entrepreneurship resources in the community

  • Simple reports that track system usage by zip code, industry, stage, assistance requested and more

  • Customizable search categories that can be adapted to meet the needs of any community

Users like:

  • The easy-to-use point and click interface that gets them directly to the resources they need to succeed

  • The ability to find all kinds of resources, no matter their device and/or browser

  • The expertly curated content complete with direct contact person who they can reach out to and connect with

Some of our partners in this work.

Below are some examples of partners in ecosystem building using The Resource Navigator® as a starting and growth point.

  • Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce - The Indy Chamber is leveraging The Resource Navigator® to understand the resources in the region and to begin on the path of collaborative work to support the entire ecosystem.

  • GrowNorthMN - The Resource Navigator® for Minnesota has been customized and tailored to serve the unique needs of the food and agriculture industry.

  • AllAboutAutism - The Resource Navigator® can be applied to virtually any industry sector of resources that are unknown to a target market of consumers. AllAboutAutism has compiled resources for families with autistic children in the Kansas City metro region.

Meet more of our partners

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