2017 Meeting of the Minds

SourceLink Convenes
Meeting of the Minds

(November 29th and 30th, 2017)

Maria Meyers, Founder SourceLink“We are entering into a new phase of economic transformation in America. One that will require forward-thinking builders who have been in this field for a long time to support our industry in how we both gather and share our collected knowledge to move our field forward and retool existing efforts to build on the infrastructure for who we recognize are the job creators and innovators vital to our local economies- entrepreneurs. Our thought leader gathering was a wonderful opportunity for us to explore this together, and to craft a strategy for how we will certify, research, explore and communicate this emerging opportunity to the economic development establishment to inspire others to follow our bold lead.” - Maria Meyers, SourceLink 

The call is clear: entrepreneurs are the future of economic advancement for communities who are on the "edge".

Entrepreneurship-Led Economic Development Certification

We should consider developing a white paper that lays out the need for this type of certification. The white paper would address audiences (traditional economic developers as well as broader audiences), the role of entrepreneurship in economic development and why someone should care, and how this type of certification could be developed. Special attention would be paid to terminology, particularly the word “ecosystem” and what this term means to different audiences.

Entrepreneurship-Led Economic Development Research

One suggestion was to convene a small working group to look at data gaps and define a data strategy. This group could look at what methodologies are being used, what types of metrics seem to work with various communities, and best practices in data collection. There also seemed to be energy around collaborating to find case studies/success stories of how entrepreneurship-led economic development is transforming communities (especially tracking ROI) and then develop those stories into something that could be shared broadly. Other points: a central repository, standard methodologies and metrics.

Growing Entrepreneurial Communities Summit: Entrepreneurship on the Edges

The group collectively developed an outstanding list of potential speakers and additional topics for breakout sessions for our collaboratively driven Growing Entrepreneurial Communities Summit 2018. We’ve plugged all the ideas generated into a central database system and the planning committee will begin finalizing the agenda based on that input.

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