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The SourceLink network is celebrating National Small Business Week 2017 throughout the country

National Small Business Week 2017

Here's how the SourceLink network is celebrating National Small Business Week 2017 all across the country.

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Rob Williams, director of SourceLink

Round Up: Entrepreneurship Beyond Silicon Valley

There's only one Silicon Valley and yet, there are thousands of thriving entrepreneurially supportive communities across this nation of opportunity.

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Grant Opportunity for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Request for Proposals for Inclusion Open Grant Program

As part of its #ZeroBarriers campaign, the Kauffman Foundation is offering a grant opportunity to help level the playing field for women and minority entrepreneurs.

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Growing Rural Entrepreneurship through Youth Entrepreneurship

How Do You Attract Entrepreneurs to a Small Town?

Cultivating entrepreneurship is one thing, but what if your community "doesn't have" any entrepreneurs? Erik Pedersen of NetWork Kansas shares how to attract entrepreneurs (and the jobs they create) to a small town.

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Indy Chamber Launches the new Indy Resource Navigator in Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Connects Entrepreneurs, Online and In Person

Indy Chamber launches the new Indy Resource Navigator, a dynamic and interactive web directory that organizes Indy’s growing ecosystem of free or low-cost business resources in Indianapolis, IN.

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Grow North MN: Connecting Minnesota food entrepreneurs to grow a thriving ecosystem

Grow North: Connecting Minnesota Food Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Meet Grow North, SourceLink’s newest affiliate partner in our entrepreneurial network. Because Grow North is part of the SourceLink network, they are able to leverage our consulting and tools so they can focus on growing the food and agriculture community of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Trump and Entrepreneurship

White House Releases FY2018 Budget Proposal - What It Means for Economic Development

Jeff Finkle of International Economic Development Council outlines proposed budget cuts and their impact on entrepreneurial communities.

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Best practices for attending and speaking at entrepreneur and economic development Conferences

Maximizing Connections at Entrepreneur and Economic Development Conferences

Entrepreneur and economic development conferences are a great way to network with the best and learn while focusing on sustaining and supporting entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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Entrepreneurship Starts Local

Yes to Steve Case: Entrepreneurial Development Has to Start Locally

"Some of the most consequential programs and legislation to spur entrepreneurship — and the jobs that come with it — continue to happen at a more local level.” - Steve Case

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SourceLink: Increasing Social Reach on an Economic Developer’s Budget ​

Increasing Social Reach on an Economic Developer’s Budget ​

What does the future of social media hold and how can you make it work for your organization on a lean budget? Here are four best practices for making social media trends work on an #econdev budget with limited time and money.

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Building a Connected Entrepreneurial Network through Resource Partner Meetings

Building an Entrepreneurial Network with Partner Meetings [with Slide Share]

Learn how KCSourceLink's Jenny Miller builds community by bringing resource organizations together.

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Empowering Entrepreneurial Communities

3 Ways to Empower Your Entrepreneurial Community

Grow and fuel your entrepreneurial community into a thriving hive of igniters and supporters by empowering their ability to connect, collaborate and build on a solid entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Year of Entrepreneurship Conferences

A Year of Entrepreneurship: Calendar of Events to Celebrate Entrepreneurs and Economic Development

Here's a short-ish list of events, campaigns and conferences around entrepreneurship and economic development.

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Year of Entrepreneurship

Year in Review: Growing Entrepreneurship in 2016

The SourceLink family had a great year in entrepreneurship with write-a-thon's, launches, connections and celebrations—all to help build entrepreneurial communities.

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Trump and Entrepreneurship

Round Up: The Trump Administration and What It Means for Small Business

The Electoral College has met and confirmed that Donald Trump will be our next president. What effect could a Trump Administration have on entrepreneurship?

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