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The Multicultural Business Coalition of Kansas City celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week with KCSourceLink.

An Inspired Takeover of Global Entrepreneurship Week

From Twitter contests to summits and even grand openings, our affiliates ruled Global Entrepreneurship Week all across the nation.

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How to Connect to Main Street Businesses with a Shop Local Campaign

How to Connect to Main Street Businesses with a Shop Local Campaign

Leverage the holiday shopping season to your entrepreneurial ecosystem's advantage and host a Shop Local campaign for your Main Street entrepreneurs. Here are four ways your economic organization can do to support local business.

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How to Connect with Newsletters - Economic Developers

How Entrepreneurial Support Organizations Connect with Newsletters

Learn what your entrepreneurs need, create a content strategy and build an email list. Dig into these tips to increase your entrepreneurial network’s value and visibility.

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Survey: R&D for your entrepreneurial community

R&D for Your Entrepreneurial Community

We asked SourceLink communities what challenges they face when building entrepreneurial ecosystems. Here's what they said.

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Entrepreneurship and U.S. Policy

Roundup: Entrepreneurship and the American Dream

How do we build a strong entrepreneurial infrastructure that is both sustainable and provides for new jobs and economic growth? Here's a roundup of articles to bring insight into entrepreneurship and U.S. policy.

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Colmena66: Resources for Puerto Rican Entrepreneurs

Colmena66 Connects Entrepreneurs with Resources

Join us as we welcome Puerto Rico's Colmena66 to the SourceLink family.

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How to activate your entrepreneurial ecosystem

What Makes Entrepreneurship Grow?

Using specific metrics measuring entrepreneurial activity tells economic developers and entrepreneur service organizations if their entrepreneurial ecosystem is ready to grow and how to activate the community.

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From Passion to Entrepreneurial Connections

Does Your Entrepreneurial Community Have “Connective Tissue”?

Entrepreneurs thrive in connected communities. But what does that mean?

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SourceLink + Global Entrepreneurship Week Nov 14-20, 2016

GEW: What Is It and Why Should You Care?​

Global Entrepreneurship Week is more than just a celebration of innovators and their ideas.

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Jeff Hoffman presentation at Tech Week KC

Roundup: From Connections to Entrepreneurial Community

From Jeff Hoffman to Steve Case to Victor Hwang, here are a few insights into how to build entrepreneurial communities.

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Broadband and Rural Entrepreneurship

Does Broadband Matter for Rural Entrepreneurs?

Amy Kuhlers of IASourceLink weighs in on how broadband helps rural entrepreneurs compete locally and globally.

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Measuring Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Roundup: How to Measure an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Why measure? Here's a roundup of articles to help you think about why and what you measure on the way to your goals.

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Growing Entrepreneurial Communities Summit: Measuring Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

How Do You Measure an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

Measuring jobs is only one metric in measuring an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Use the right data and tools to map your community's assets and build a sustainable economy.

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At what development stage is your entrepreneurial ecosystem?

How Do You Grow Entrepreneurship? [Survey]

At what stage is your entrepreneurial ecosystem—and what are your obstacles to growth?

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Global Entrepreneurship Week

5 Ways to Grow Your Entrepreneurial Community with #GEW

How can your community leverage Global Entrepreneurship Week to bring together your local entrepreneurship community? Here are seven ways to use GEW to connect and empower your entrepreneurs and rally your community around the importance of entrepreneurship.

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