Best Practices

KCSourceLink's Battle of the Brands, a social media competition for small businesses

Why You Should Host a Social Media Competition for Local Businesses

KCSourceLink captures the attention of thousands, highlights their resource network and strengthens the local entrepreneurial ecosystem with an annual social media competition for local businesses. Read more on why you should host your own social media competition.

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SourceLink: How do you support entrepreneurship in your community?

How Do You Support Entrepreneurship?

How do you build entrepreneurial ecosystems and support a sustainable infrastructure? Here's our methodology in supporting, connecting and advancing entrepreneurship all across the United States.

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Here's how economic developers can support rural entrepreneurs in their community.

3 Serious Myths about Rural Entrepreneurship

Rural entrepreneurship matters. What can we do to better surround our rural entrepreneurs with the resources they need to grow?

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Kauffman Foundation ESHIPSummit for Ecosystem Builders

9 #ESHIPSummit Takeaways from Ecosystem Builders

We asked our staff, strategic partners and SourceLink community leads to share some of their key insights from the Kauffman Foundation's #ESHIPSummit.

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SourceLink's Maria Meyers speaks about entrepreneurship in workforce development

Maria Meyers Speaks on Entrepreneurship at NERETA Job Creation Summit

SourceLink's Maria Meyers is speaking about entrepreneurship and workforce development at the North East Regional Employment and Training Association Job Creation Summit.

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SourceLink: How to Grow a Vibrant Community of Entrepreneurs in Rural America

Round Up: How to Grow a Vibrant Community of Entrepreneurs in Rural America

What is being done to help rural economies leverage entrepreneurship as an economic development and community growth strategy? Here's your roundup of articles on growing rural entrepreneurship curated just for you.

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Why would Kansas City want to build the next Silicon Valley?

Why would Kansas City want to build the next Silicon Valley?

After a Bloomberg Technology article called Kansas City out for not being "the Next Silicon Valley," Jeff Shackelford of Digital Sandbox KC, a KCSourceLink Resource Partner, took to the web to explain why that's not really all that great of a goal for Kansas City's entrepreneurial ecosystem anyway.

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NetWork Kansas: Culture of Entrepreneurship

NetWork Kansas Uses Its Resource Network to Take on Bigger, Bolder Goals for Entrepreneurs across Kansas

NetWork Kansas is building a culture of entrepreneurship in the state of Kansas—and right in the middle of America.

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Making an Entrepreneurial City

The Making of America’s Most Entrepreneurial City

In 2011, Kansas City set an audacious goal: to become America’s most entrepreneurial city. The community set a path to build entrepreneurship, measure it and tell that story to the world.

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Colorado Springs is connecting entrepreneurs with the Resource Navigator® powered by SourceLink

Connecting Small Business to the Right Resources in Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC launches the Resource Navigator® database for entrepreneurs to get connected to local resources that offer services they need to start and grow their businesses.

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The Case for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Making the Case (and Connections) for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship happens everywhere—not just on the coasts. It happens in urban centers and rural communities, among tech innovators and in shops on Main Street. And here's how we can invite more people to the table.

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Farm Bureau Rural Entrepreneurship Competition applications open May 1, 2017

Applications open May 1 for Farm Bureau Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge

The Farm Bureau Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge is a national competition focused on entrepreneurs with food and agriculture business. Businesses across agriculture are eligible to compete for $145,000 in startup funds and more.

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The SourceLink network is celebrating National Small Business Week 2017 throughout the country

National Small Business Week 2017

Here's how the SourceLink network is celebrating National Small Business Week 2017 all across the country.

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Rob Williams, director of SourceLink

Round Up: Entrepreneurship Beyond Silicon Valley

There's only one Silicon Valley and yet, there are thousands of thriving entrepreneurially supportive communities across this nation of opportunity.

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Grant Opportunity for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Request for Proposals for Inclusion Open Grant Program

As part of its #ZeroBarriers campaign, the Kauffman Foundation is offering a grant opportunity to help level the playing field for women and minority entrepreneurs.

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