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Restoring Puerto Rico through Entrepreneurship

Published Nov 09, 2017

Restoring Puerto Rico through Entrepreneurship

Next week—Global Entrepreneurship Week—marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of Colmena66 in Puerto Rico. At the heart of Puerto Rico’s entrepreneurial infrastructure and ecosystem, Colmena66 connects entrepreneurs and small businesses to the resources they need to scale and grow their business—and there’s no time where that has been more important than now, in the wake of and recovery of Hurricane María.

Yes, Puerto Rico is in a time of change amid chaos—and as economic developers know full well, entrepreneurs, those natural problem solvers and risk takers, will be critical and vital to helping the rebuild of Puerto Rico’s businesses, economy and even the island itself.

One of the ways Colmena66 is leading that charge is by hosting the Shop+HirePR campaign (coming soon), a collaborative effort between Brands of Puerto Rico, San Juan Freelance, Clickup, Clinc, Flimper, Bien Cool, PRCEI, Compañía de Comercio y Exportación and led by Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust, Parallel18 and SourceLink.

Through the campaign, these organizations are encouraging everyone to shop and hire Puerto Rico and to help local entrepreneurs get back on their feet. SourceLink powered the Shop+HirePR map, which lists local businesses ready to export their goods to new customers.

Why shop and hire Puerto Rico?

According to FEMA, almost 40 percent of small businesses never reopen their doors following a disaster. That’s not acceptable.

By using Shop and Hire Puerto Rico donors’ money will:

  • Help local businesses recover from the aftermath of Hurricane María.
  • Boost economic development in Puerto Rico.
  • Contribute to the reconstruction of Puerto Rico.
  • Shop - Purchase apparel, beauty products, music, books, home decor and gourmet foods from Puerto Rico shops
  • Hire - Contract online with professional service providers in Puerto Rico for developer services, sales, marketing, design creative services and more.

Once the site goes live (and we’ll keep you posted), we encourage you to share the Puerto Rico shop local campaign and contribute to the reconstruction, boost economic development and help businesses recover from the aftermath of Hurricane María.

Entrepreneurs can do amazing things, transforming communities and economies, but they can only do it with the help of customers like you.

Pola Firestone Relationship Manager and Affiliate Liaison of SourceLink

Pola Firestone
is the relationship manager and affiliate liaison for SourceLink. Through her outreach work, she has a window into the challenges of building entrepreneurial ecosystems, and uses that knowledge to help inform new products and solutions to the SourceLink network