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Round Up: The Trump Administration and What It Means for Small Business

Published Dec 21, 2016 by Rob Williams

Trump and EntrepreneurshipThe Electoral College has met and confirmed that Donald Trump will be our next president. With the passing of this major responsibility, we know that focus areas may change and new policies enacted. Whatever the next four years hold, we cannot forget who actually is the economic driver of America—her entrepreneurs. In fact, small businesses make up 99.7 percent of U.S. employer firms.

Here are six perspectives on the new presidential administration and the impact on entrepreneurs and the economy.  

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Help Build a Nation That Wants Better for Everyone
Sherrie Campbell, 11/2016, Entrepreneur
Short story short: we need to be a nation of people who are peacefully driven, regardless of who is president.

In Economy as in Business, Trumponomics May Mean Building Big Things
Chris Arnold, 11/16, WBUR
Big infrastructure spending programs, lowering taxes and global trade barriers: are these a few of President-elect Trump’s favorite things?

The Sunny Side of Trump
Peter Coy, 11/16, Bloomberg Businessweek
Businesses and investors remain optimistic and project economic growth for 2017 and 2018.

#BensTake: Reflections on the 2016 Election
Ben Hecht, 11/16, Living Cities
Ben Hecht, president and CEO of Living Cities, offers his thoughts on the President-elect,  focusing on low-income people and the workforce.

Localizing the Economic Impact of Research and Development: Policy Proposals for the Trump Administration and Congress
Stephen Ezell and Scott M. Andes, 12/16, Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
The ITIF and Brookings Institution collaborated and put together a list of 50 policy proposals for the new presidential administration. These proposed changes focus on technology commercialization.

Here Is What Small Business Needs from the Trump Administration
Carol Roth, 12/16, Entrepreneur
ICYMI: small business entrepreneurs need a president who understands business regulation (and its effects), an appreciation of technology and an understanding of the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem. Roth goes on to say the U.S. government needs to create “a single interface for small business owners to easily navigate and find the resources that they need.” Sounds like one giant Resource Navigator