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KCSourceLink: Hiring (the Right) Employees

Published Aug 25, 2015 by SourceLink Administrator
by Sarah Mote

You've always hired the most amazing talent. Never a glitch. Nary an issue. 

Congrats, you've nailed one of the big issues that plagues, and seriously damages, many a startup and small business. 

But if you haven't sorted out your hiring processes to vet your talent early and well, then you may want to pause and figure that out. 

Here's why.

Turnover is costly for businesses, but the effect it can have your company culture and productivity makes hiring the right employee from the get-go crucial. With recruiting and hiring costing U.S. businesses $72 billion a year the tips included in this article and the infographic below can be the difference between your company being a dud or a rock-star diva.

Hiring Your First Employee

Attracting and retaining good employees is key to business success. Adding employees is often the only way a company can grow beyond the scope of its owner. Bringing together a team for your business can be challenging. 

KCSourceLink resources can help you.

Consequences of Hiring the Wrong Employee


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