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NetWork Kansas: Fifteen Minutes That Are Worth Your Time

Published May 22, 2015 by SourceLink Administrator
By: Steve Radley


I’m in my tenth year of work at NetWork Kansas.  I can honestly say that over thepast ten years, I’ve enjoyed virtually every aspect of the work we get to do working with entrepreneurial support organizations, communities, and entrepreneurs across Kansas.  But there’s one thing I’ve always hated, the dreaded annual report. 

There are several reasons for my disdain for annual reports.  They’re not cheap, they take time away from our core work, and they often don’t get read.  I know, because we’ve produced them in every manner possible, even producing a virtual annual report that could be sent electronically that allowed us to measure how many people opened them (we know who you are). 

Yet, annual reports are still important.  They provide an opportunity to inform, engage, and even more importantly, communicate the work being done by partners, communities, and entrepreneurs throughout the state to create a more entrepreneurial culture.  This cultural change is hard work and there are Kansans all across the state working to transform their community and economy.

So we’ve created an annual report that will allow each of you to track long term progress and annual activity of NetWork Kansas partners, communities, and entrepreneurs… and you can do it in fifteen minutes. 

The report provides ongoing loan and venture investment numbers over the history of each program, provides current activity and historical growth of our referral center and the Entrepreneurship Community Partnership, and highlights notable work done at the local, regional, state, and national level.  These accomplishments are achieved through the work of our 500 plus entrepreneurial support partners and 48 Entrepreneurship Communities that truly do the “on the ground” work of connecting entrepreneurs to the expertise, education, and economic resources when they are needed most. 

The annual report is also an opportunity to thank our founding partners:  the Kansas Department of Commerce, Fort Hays State University, Wichita State University, and the Kansas Small Business Development Centers as well as our newest partner; the University of Kansas School of Business for the many ways they support NetWork Kansas today and throughout our  history. 

I hope you enjoy this short read that will give you a glimpse into the work being done and the many resources available to Kansas entrepreneurs.

NetWork Kansas Annual Report 

Steve Radley is President and CEO of NetWork Kansas. NetWork Kansas is a proud affiliate of U.S.SourceLink, America's largest resource network for entrepreneurs.