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KCSourceLink: Small Business Tips for Social Media Success

Published Apr 21, 2015 by SourceLink Administrator
by: Sarah Mote
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Meet Chelsea Redfern, marketing coordinator at ClaimJockey, a Digital Sandbox KC company, participant in ScaleUP! Kansas City and a contender in our 2015 Battle of the Brands. ClaimJockey files and manages long-term care insurance claims for policy holders, helping them access funds for needed care. Below, Chelsea shares her tips on how small businesses can get the most out of social media—and where they should start.

When you're ramping up a company's social media game, where do you start?

When starting any kind of campaign, you need to have your core messaging down pact and formatted for each market you cater to. In your social media campaigns, you also need to think about who is looking to each of your social media accounts and what are they hoping to gain from them. You are, after all, marketing to various segments on all platforms. Are they wanting articles relevant to the industry? Are they wanting advice? More information on your products or services? Research who is in each platform and will be looking for you, then determine your best messaging strategy based off that. 

If you could only give one piece of social media advice for businesses, what would it be?

If you interact with people in your business, YOU NEED TO BE SOCIAL! Find the platforms that work best for you, determine your audience and message and engage with them! Just like you read/pin/post/tweet/snap about your favorite products, brands and companies, your fans  want to interact with you, too.

How did you get started in social media?

My mom opened a shop around the time Facebook Pages came into existence. One day, I said, “Hey mom, I’m going to make you a business Facebook page.” She had no idea what it was, but I said “… bring new customers to your shop …” and she was sold!

I knew how important social media would be and that special connection you could make with your fans online at any time of day. Not to mention with the launch of the new “call to action” button, you can source traffic in an easier method via Facebook. I can’t thank my mom enough for letting me “experiment” with her brand and the journey it’s taken me on.

As someone's who's worked with a few companies, what's your opinion on social media help: outsource, consultant or hire?

The most important thing to realize here and to guide your decision is who is going to promote your brand best to the world?

Where do you focus your social media efforts for ClaimJockey?

For our strategy, I’ve put my focus on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ with efforts to add Pinterest in the mix soon.

So why Google+? Pinterest?

My main objective for placing a presence on G+ is for SEO purposes. The algorithm of the SEO game changes constantly with differing industry opinions as to what is the best practice. I’ve seen how G+ can impact placement when searching for different things. Plus, it’s organic, so no budget necessary.

When I started with ClaimJockey, they have this incredible file of testimonies from past/current clients, attorneys, etc. I’ve seen the handwritten letters that clients have sent in praising ClaimJockey for a job well done, but it’s hard to get those to translate into real reviews because there’s not a virtual profile attached. My goal for their G+ account has been to build up their content with blogs, articles, videos and reviews so that when potential clients search for our industry, they find us.

Pinterest is kinda the odd ball right now, we are there just to be there, but once we have more content, I’m confident it will be a great source of leads for us.

How do you feel about pay to play?

I’m for pay to play all the way. BUT, there are a lot of things to consider before jumping on the bandwagon. Is your site organically set for optimal SEO performance? Do you have quality content to connect your viewers to? Are you looking for instant results or something to work up to on the ROI? You won’t *typically* get instant results from AdWords, but if you answered yes to the rest, then I wouldn’t detour someone from testing the waters. There are endless amounts of searches performed each day, how many of those are for your industry that you could be marketing to?

What made you want to work at ClaimJockey?

Coming from similar family experiences, I connected with Wendy [the co-founder] and saw her passion for this company. I wanted to be a part of that drive, passion and purpose. I could see why they were in need of this position and I wanted to help them in any way I could. I guess you could say that was the meeting that got me hook, line and sinker. When I was finally offered the position with ClaimJockey, I felt extremely blessed and thankful. I knew ClaimJockey was going to become an amazing company and I was all gung-ho!

What does ClaimJockey do right?

ClaimJockey was founded from an unfortunate personal experience with Wendy’s brother. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He had a Long Term Care insurance policy that, when he bought it, he was told, would be an easy process to aid in his medical care. His wife quickly discovered it wasn’t so easy. That’s when Wendy, a former LTCi industry representative, stepped in and saw the need for what is now ClaimJockey.

ClaimJockey’s passion lies within the families’ desire to spend time with families instead of hassling with the paperwork. ClaimJockey’s joy comes from letters and emails from clients success in getting policies to pay for their loved one’s care. We gather and listen to these and celebrate in the office as if we were celebrating with the client. The drive that has been instilled in the ClaimJockey team is contagious. They are, like any other small business, aware of their bottom line. BUT more so, this company is driven by their clients’ needs and serving them with absolutely all they have to offer. 

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