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A Year in Entrepreneurship: Calendar of Events to Celebrate

Published Jan 23, 2015 by SourceLink Administrator

At the end of every year (and again at the end of each quarter), we here at U.S.SourceLink sit down and map out our calendars. What conferences should we attend? What conversations should we follow? And how can we best and better raise the visibility for our affiliates, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship?

Here’s the short list we came up with this year. Below, you’ll see just a few of the business- and entrepreneurial-related events we celebrate (or create) throughout the year. These events help us shine the national spotlight on local entrepreneurs and on those on-the-ground resources that make local economies and their entrepreneurial ecosystems vibrant and vital.

By no means do we create a full-blown campaign out of everything on this list, but we do use it as a foundation (a post, a tweet) to help our communities and entrepreneurs stay abreast of the national conversations happening around entrepreneurship. (This list does not serve as an endorsement for non-U.S.SourceLink events.)

What events, conferences and conversations do you follow?




All month

National Mentoring Month

Financial Wellness Month


1st week

National Thank Your Customers Week

Women’s Self-Empowerment Week


Jan. 13

Make Your Dream Come True Day

Jan. 17

Customer Service Day

Jan. 19


Jan. 20

Get to Know Your Customer Day

Jan. 20 or 22

Annual Report Webinar for Affiliates

Jan. 2225

U.S. Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference

Jan. 26

Thank Your Mentor Day

Jan. 27

Battle of the Brands Webinar for Affiliates



All month

Black History Month

Time Management Month

Youth Leadership Month


Feb. 1 Feb. 20

Battle of the Brands Nominations

Feb. 9-11

Startup Grind #StartupGrind

Feb. 16

President’s Day

Feb. 21-28

National Entrepreneurship Week




All month

National Women’s History Month

Battle of the Brands, powered by U.S.SourceLink


March 7–11

SXSW Interactive #SXSW

March 8

International Women’s Day

March 16–19

Global Entrepreneurship Congress #GEC2015

March 29

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day



Shop Local Webinar for Affiliates

Apr. 22

Earth Day

April 29-30

Bridging Communities:

U.S.SourceLink Conference


All month

Shop Local, powered by U.S.SourceLink

May 4-8

National Small Business Week #SBW2015

May 14

The Startup Conference


1st Week

National Business Etiquette Week

2nd Week

Families in Business Week

June 10–12

BALLE, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies Conference



All month

National Recreation and Parks Month

National Culinary Arts Month


All month

National Inventors Month


Global Entrepreneurship Week Webinar for Affiliates


All month

Hispanic Heritage Month

Sept 15–18

Dreamforce/Salesforce Conference

Sept 2730

University Economic Development Association Annual Conference


All Month

National Book Month

Women’s Small Business Month

Diversity Awareness Month

National Home-based Business Week

Oct. 4–7

International Economic Development Council Annual Conference

Oct. 5

National Customer Service Week

Financial Planning Week


Oct. 11–14

National Association of Community College Entrepreneurs

Oct. 12

Improve Your Home Office Week

Oct. 16

World Food Day

Oct. 24

National Make a Difference Day

National Businesswomen’s Week


Oct. 26-28

SSTI, State Science and Technology Institute


Oct. 2931

Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers




Shop Local Webinar for Affiliates

Nov. 2-6

National Veterans Small Business Week #MyVetBiz

Nov. 16-22

Global Entrepreneurship Week #GEW

Nov. 20

Global Business Angels Day

Nov. 20

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Nov. 27

Plaid Friday

Nov. 28

Small Business Saturday



All month

Shop Local , powered by U.S.SourceLink