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MOSourceLink: The League of Independent Workspaces

Published Jan 07, 2015 by Kate Hodel

It sounds like a club for superheroes…and maybe it is. Five St. Louis-area coworking spaces have formed a cooperative called the St. Louis League of Independent Workspaces to better serve startup and growth-oriented entrepreneurs, the drivers of the economy.

Nebula Coworking

Nebula Coworking Space

The space are: NebulaTech ArtistaThe Hive44Lab1500and Claim. Any member of one coworking space will have access to the other offices with its resources and networking events.

“We wanted to raise awareness of coworking and add value to our membership. It made sense to try it out,” said Jason Deem, founder of Nebula. ”It’s worked out really well. We see other members here, and our members using other spaces if they have a meeting downtown or out in the county.”                            

Started in September, the group intends to keep its focus local for the time being. “Our overarching goal is to promote entrepreneurship and technology and startups in the St. Louis region. We like the idea that we are spanning the city and the county,” Deem said.

Collaborations like this are not new. The Buro Club, which has been around for more than 20 years, is a group of independent business centers based in France and the French Caribbean.

Another example is the League of Extraordinary Coworking Space (LEXC). That concept spans a broader geography, with founding venture partners: NextSpace in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, BLANKSPACES in Los Angeles; Link Coworking in Austin; WorkBar in Boston; CoCo in Minneapolis; and 654 Croswell in Grand Rapids. Today the League encompasses 38 locations worldwide.

Content contributed by Kate Hodel, MOSourceLink. MOSourceLink is a proud affiliate of U.S.SourceLink, America's largest resource network for entrepreneurs.