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Biz-Trakker Helps the National Urban League Track Its Impact

Published Apr 01, 2013 by Sarah Mote

The National Urban League (NUL) submitted a 1-page paid story to Time Magazine that covers the work their entrepreneurship centers do to help communities in partnership with BP. 

In that story, they highlight the impact of that initiative:

(Click on the image above to open a PDF of the entire story.)

Those numbers come from one of U.S.SourceLink’s products, Biz-Trakker.  Biz-Trakker is our client management relationship tool that tracks business growth over time. NUL uses the system in more than 10 cities to track their clients. 

Jeremy Hegle and Mark Galeassi, both part of the U.S.SourceLink team, were responsible for developing NUL’s custom reporting and, more importantly working with them to develop a process to ensure the data was completely and accurately collected.

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