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Good News for Dallas Entrepreneurs: SourceLink Dallas Goes Live in October

Published Sep 21, 2012 by Sarah Mote

Entrepreneurship is local. It’s built from the ground up, relying on a local ecosystem that inspires entrepreneurs, supports startups and sustains small business growth.

SourceLink Dallas is an important part of that landscape for Dallas entrepreneurs and the Dallas economy, helping to make vital entrepreneurial resources more effective, efficient and easier to access.

Brought to Dallas by the City of Dallas Mayor's Office, SourceLink Dallas will launch and promote its eagerly anticipated network of business resources to the Dallas metro area in October. To glimpse just a bit of the awesome that awaits Dallas entrepreneurs, take the SourceLink Dallas tour below. 

The Right Resource, Right Now, Right Here

From the SourceLink Dallas homepage, entrepreneurs and small business owners are only two clicks and two steps away from finding the resources their businesses need right now with SourceLink Dallas’ ResourceNavigator ®. 

More than a directory of Dallas business resources, The ResourceNavigator ® gives users a customized list of only those economic service organizations that fit their business stage, industry and challenge—all in Dallas, and all ordered geographically.

So, let’s say you have a bioscience business in Highland Park—and you really need some help moving from lab to market. Type, select, click and  . . .

On-the-Ground and In Person

Business isn't rocket science for most companies, but it is accounting and finance and law and personnel management and team building and negotiating and IT systems and logistics and marketing and advertising and . . .

That’s where SourceLink Dallas comes in. While The ResourceNavigator puts entrepreneurs in touch with the right resource for their challenge, their calendar of small business classes and events helps small businesses keep their skills current.

Users can browse the calendar, search by month or use the drop down menu to find networking events or classes on business planning, funding, human resources, exporting, marketing, sales, startups or technology.

Tricks at a Click

With the launch of SourceLink Dallas, startups and small businesses across the Dallas metro area will now have access to a dynamic library of classes, resources and entrepreneurial wisdom, including advice on how to:

And be sure to check out their “Essential Business Resources” page that walks small businesses through the four critical sources of help: business advising, training, networks and funding. Great crib notes for any entrepreneur. 

Why Dallas?

Entrepreneurs create jobs and continuing to seed and support their ideas and businesses has been and will continue to be critical to Dallas’ vibrancy and economy. SourceLink Dallas highlights those reasons why entrepreneurs should consider Dallas.

And that’s just the beginning. While focused on the Dallas economy and what Dallas entrepreneurs need grow, SourceLink Dallas joins a family of economic service organizations that together have created America’s largest resource network for entrepreneurs.

As SourceLink Dallas’ network continues to evolve and grow, look for more business tips, classes and resources on the website, on the calendar, in The ResourceNavigator and featured in their blog.