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Central Iowa Launches U.S.SourceLink

Published May 22, 2012 by Maria Meyers

Yesterday, Central Iowa SourceLink joined the U.S.SourceLink family, helping small business owners and entrepreneurs in that region find the resources they need to launch their businesses and overcome their obstacles.

The collaboration began in 2010, when community partners surveyed some 5,000 locals about their vision for the future of Greater Des Moines. One of the messages shared during that survey process came from local small business stakeholders, who said that while there were a number of business resources available, there was a lack of connectivity of support organizations, and an absence of a prominent “go-to” resource for individuals looking to start or grow a small business.

“To encourage economic activity and help Greater Des Moines and Central Iowa be a best in class business community, we needed to remove barricades to entrepreneurial endeavors,” said Jay Byers, CEO of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, at the press conference yesterday. 

The research began to find the best strategy available to create a one-stop shop for startups and entrepreneurs to find all the education, resources and assistance available to them easily.

Central Iowa found what they needed with the U.S.SourceLink program.

As America’s largest resource network for entrepreneurs, the U.S.SourceLink model matches aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to the resources they need to grow by uniting existing business development programs into collaborative networks, and providing a highly reliable and visible source of business startup and growth information. There are currently 20 such networks in place nationwide. 

With Central Iowa SourceLink,, small business owners and entrepreneurs can find on-the-ground resources that know the local economy and that can help them overcome their unique challenges.

That matchmaking happens through an online “one-stop shop” accessible around the clock and across the region. Visitors to the site select their industry, business stage and location, and Central Iowa SourceLink connects emerging and established entrepreneurs and small businesses with resources to help fit each organization's growth and development needs

“Every start-up enterprise or entrepreneurial endeavor has the potential to one day become a major employer,” said Byers. “We need to support our local start-ups in all facets of the development process.