Best Practices

A Case for Innovation Vouchers

Published Apr 07, 2011 by Maria Meyers

I can’t say I’m well versed in Innovation Vouchers, but Erik Pages certainly knows what he’s talking about.

A snippet of his insight:
“Innovation voucher programs have become hugely popular in Europe. . . .  The voucher programs are quite popular, but, even more importantly, they are generating bottom line benefits—in the form of new business and new jobs---for business customers. . . .

“This positive early experience with innovation vouchers in Europe has reached a point where the use of vouchers is now considered a regular “best practice” for business support within the EU. . . . As a US-based economic developer, the real mystery to me is why this model has not taken hold here at home?”

Read the rest of his assessment and possible applications for innovation vouchers in his article, “The Promise of Innovation Vouchers.” And then let me know what you think. Can we make this happen?