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COVID-19 Funding Relief and Financial Tools for Small Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit small Main Street businesses especially hard. Mindful that small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, numerous government agencies, philanthropies and private companies have set up relief funds to provide these small businesses with grants and low-interest loans.

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Libraries as Ecosystem Builders

America’s Public Libraries: Champions of Entrepreneurship

Libraries are the not-so-quiet champions of entrepreneurship, essential entrepreneur ecosystem builders, crucial for every community in their mission to support their entrepreneurs.

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Celebrating Entrepreneurs with National Small Business Week

How to Celebrate Entrepreneurs with National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week is the perfect time to connect with your community's small business owners and startups and shine a light on the resources available to start and grow a business.

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Attendees at Growing Entrepreneurial Communities Summit

Highlights from #GrowingESHIP: Growing Entrepreneurial Communities Summit

The Growing Entrepreneurial Communities Summit was packed with smart people and smart ideas. Here are just a few takeaways that may surprise you.

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NetWork Kansas: Culture of Entrepreneurship

NetWork Kansas Uses Its Resource Network to Take on Bigger, Bolder Goals for Entrepreneurs across Kansas

NetWork Kansas is building a culture of entrepreneurship in the state of Kansas—and right in the middle of America.

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Making an Entrepreneurial City

The Making of America’s Most Entrepreneurial City

In 2011, Kansas City set an audacious goal: to become America’s most entrepreneurial city. The community set a path to build entrepreneurship, measure it and tell that story to the world.

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Trump and Entrepreneurship

White House Releases FY2018 Budget Proposal - What It Means for Economic Development

Jeff Finkle of International Economic Development Council outlines proposed budget cuts and their impact on entrepreneurial communities.

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Entrepreneurship Starts Local

Yes to Steve Case: Entrepreneurial Development Has to Start Locally

"Some of the most consequential programs and legislation to spur entrepreneurship — and the jobs that come with it — continue to happen at a more local level.” - Steve Case

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Year of Entrepreneurship Conferences

A Year of Entrepreneurship: Calendar of Events to Celebrate Entrepreneurs and Economic Development

Here's a short-ish list of events, campaigns and conferences around entrepreneurship and economic development.

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Trump and Entrepreneurship

Round Up: The Trump Administration and What It Means for Small Business

The Electoral College has met and confirmed that Donald Trump will be our next president. What effect could a Trump Administration have on entrepreneurship?

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Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Round Up: What Is an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem?

A round up around articles about what an entrepreneurship ecosystem is and the first steps to buidling one. Spoilers: understand your community and what it needs.

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From Passion to Entrepreneurial Connections

Does Your Entrepreneurial Community Have “Connective Tissue”?

Entrepreneurs thrive in connected communities. But what does that mean?

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Jeff Hoffman presentation at Tech Week KC

Roundup: From Connections to Entrepreneurial Community

From Jeff Hoffman to Steve Case to Victor Hwang, here are a few insights into how to build entrepreneurial communities.

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Broadband and Rural Entrepreneurship

Does Broadband Matter for Rural Entrepreneurs?

Amy Kuhlers of IASourceLink weighs in on how broadband helps rural entrepreneurs compete locally and globally.

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Measuring Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Roundup: How to Measure an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Why measure? Here's a roundup of articles to help you think about why and what you measure on the way to your goals.

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