Best Practices

How SourceLink Builds Teams and Communitiies during COVID-19

Key Tools for Working (and Building Community) Remotely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Check out how these technologies can help keep your team together to serve the entrepreneurs in your ecosystem.

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ChiBizHub | Support for Chicago Entrepreneurs

Welcome Chicago and the ChiBizHub for Entrepreneurs

Chicago is the latest community to join the SourceLink family and to build a stronger entrepreneurial infrastructure for its entrepreneurs.

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Funding an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Image via Pexels

Foundations, Philanthropy + Entrepreneurship: How to Capitalize Entrepreneurial Strategies

What role do foundations play in entrepreneurship—and how do they measure success?

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Building Entrepreneurship in the Middle

Year in Review: Building Entrepreneurial Communities in the Middle

Entrepreneurs don't just live on the coasts. The opportunity to shape ideas and solve problems lives anywhere and everywhere. Here's how SourceLink affiliates in the Middle—Albuquerque, Des Moines, St. Louis, in southeast Michigan, across the state of Kansas and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico—are building their entrepreneurial infrastructure.

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How to Make Your Entrepreneurship Events More Accessible and Inclusive

As we continue to work toward a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, we can improve our outreach to people with disabilities.

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How to Find Funding For Your Entrepreneurial Infrastructure

Rethinking Entrepreneurship: Ecosystem + Infrastructure

What is the difference between entrepreneurial infrastructure and entrepreneurial ecosystems? We identify what exactly is infrastructure and an ecosystem and how the two work together to support our country's entrepreneurs.

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Funding Your Ecosystem

How to Find Funding For Your Entrepreneurial Infrastructure

How do you go about asking and finding sources of funding for your community? Entrepreneurial communities have trouble finding capital to build the infrastructure they need to support and grow their entrepreneurs and business owners. Here's how to get it done.

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SourceLink Research Wins Recognition from International Economic Development Council

Measuring Entrepreneurship: SourceLink Research Wins Recognition from International Economic Development Council

We know that entrepreneurs play a crucial role in a community's economic vitality. Now we know quantifiably the impact of startups on a local economy.

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SourceLink: Accelerators, Incubators, and Coworking Spaces

Accelerators, Incubators and Coworking Spaces: How Entrepreneurship Centers Can Build a Community

What's the difference between an accelerator and incubator? We break down the differences in entrepreneurship centers and look at the best practices of how communities are helping entrepreneurs.

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Kauffman Foundation ESHIP Summit for Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Builders

How Do You Build a Community of Ecosystem Builders? Highlights from 2018 #ESHIPSummit

We asked a few ecosystem builders we met at the Kauffman Foundation's ESHIP Summit to share their takeaways on entrepreneurial ecosystem building.

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Driving Economic Growth through Scale Up Ecosystems

How Is Your Community Scaling Up?

"Without growth, this is no real entrepreneurship," says Dan Isenberg—and that's why you need a plan to both create startups and grow them.

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Maria Meyers of SourceLink's Beyond Collisions

Beyond Collisions: How to Build Your Entrepreneurial Infrastructure

Entrepreneurship is not easy—and building a sustainable infrastructure for entrepreneurs requires deep knowledge, experience, funding and champions. Here's how communities can put entrepreneurship first.

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IASourceLink Celebrates Five Years

How Iowa Built a Statewide Network for Entrepreneurs

IASourceLink connects people to people to help advance and accelerate Iowa entrepreneurship. But it didn't happen overnight. Read how IASourceLink united their entrepreneurial community into a vibrant ecosystem.

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KCSourceLink Celebrates 15 years of Building Entrepreneur Community

How KCSourceLink Became a Go-To Source for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

The story of connecting entrepreneurs to the right resources at the right time at KCSourceLink is 15 years in the making—and they're just getting started.

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