Product Enhancements

Release Notes for 2013.3


Spam Prevention on Intake Forms

From time-to-time websites get bombarded with fake/spam email submissions. In an effort to combat this spamming we’ve added a CAPTCHA option to intake forms. This option requires the submitter to enter a series of randomly generated characters.

The downside to having CAPTCHA on forms is that it can be a bit frustrating for end users. If you are not experiencing junk submissions on your forms you might hold off on adding this. However, if you are receiving junk submissions, this feature will definitely come in handy.

Captcha On Intake Forms

Code Clean-up Time

We’ve spent hours upon hours cleaning up some old code in Biz-Trakker. The changes will make applying updates quicker in the future and a noticible speedup for browsing and report viewing.

Fix it felix

The Resource Navigator®

Homepage Widget

We have dramatically reduced the load time for the homepage Resource Navigator search widget.

Webplate Now!®

Calendar Categories

The Add Event widget has always included an option for the submitter to categorize the event as one of the available Business Categories (Business Planning, Marketing, Networking, etc.), however using it has been optional. You now have the ability to make the Business Category a required field. To do so: Log into the backend of your website » Open your Create Event Page » Edit your Event Creation Form » Select “Yes” in the Require Category.

Mandatory Business Category
Event Category Options

Shop Local Tool

Shop Local Campaigns have long been a favorite for many of us. Your website platform now includes a series of widgets to help highlight locally owned companies. When creating this functionality we were very cognizant of how time strapped many of us are, and created the Shop Local widgets with this in mind. Local companies in your community are able to submit their own profiles, which then go into a pending status. You simply review the profiles to determine if they are a fit for your campaign. If you choose to approve them your website will take care of the rest! See an example on KCSourceLink's website.

If you are interested in this new module, get in contact with us, we'll be happy to help you get started.

Shop Local Search
Buy Local Module

Other Fixes

URL Canonicalization for your top level domain - for most of us, we consider,, and to be the same page. Search engines see these as three separate pages and spread your search engine ranking amongst all three. We now force the url to contain 'www', remove any extra slashes and lowecase all of your URLs. This will result in your pages moving up in search rankings.

Firefox event submission issue - some affiliates have reported having trouble with the Business Category dropdown on the event submission page. This has been fixed.