Product Enhancements

Release Notes for 2013.1


NAICS Code Improvements

Last quarter we added the newest industry codes to our NAICS code table. At the time however the U.S. Office of Management and Budget had not yet provided descriptions for the new NAICS codes. They recently provided descriptions for the latest codes, which we have uploaded to Biz-Trakker as part of this enhancement release.

Performance Enhancements

In February and early March we spent significant time beefing up capacity and efficiency, which is most noticeable in the reports section. “Big” or complex Scout Reports were taking an exceptionally long time to generate. In some cases really big queries didn’t generate at all. Reports are now running smoothly, with even some of the most complex reports generating in about 10 seconds and simple reports generating almost instantly.

New Options for Managing Automated Emails

When email addresses are added to client records Biz-Trakker automatically sends the client an email thanking them for contacting your organization. The email also provides the client with your contact information. In this release we added options for you to specify the contact information included in the emails and you now have the option to suppress the automatic emails from being sent (some groups may wish to do this temporarily).


Automated Email Options
Email Options

What’s This? A SAVE Button in Biz-Trakker?

Biz-Trakker and The Resource Navigator® were programmed to automatically save data as a user clicks from one screen to the next. In order to accomplish this we use some code that is no longer compatible with some newer browsers, nor with some of our planned future enhancements. Many screens in Biz-Trakker already have an “OK”, “Send” or some other type of “Save” button, expect to see all screens have an equivalent save button within the next six months or so.

Archiving Users (Counselors) and People

Some organizations have been reluctant to delete former counselors and/or former client contacts, for fear of losing the deleted person’s history. In this release we provide the ability to archive both Counselors and Company Client People. Archiving removes the person from lists for future activity but still allows you to see their history in records and reports. You also have the ability to view and un-archive both Counselors and Company Client People.

Archived Counselors now appear:

  • As options in report parameters with “(Archived)” appearing by their name
  • In history on reports
  • Existing Snapshots previously recorded by the counselor
  • Existing interactions previously performed by the counselor

Deleted Counselors do not appear:

  • As an option in new interactions, in the (Counselor dropdown)
  • On the list of “Users”

Archived Company People appear:

  • In the interaction history
  • In surveys previously completed by the person
  • In Event history

Archived Company People do not appear:

  • On the People Tab (archived people are viewable by clicking on Archived People)
  • In the Person drop down on the New Interaction window
  • In the distribution list builder for surveys and/or events

Archived Users (Counselors)
Archive Users

Archived People
Archive People

More Information and Options on the Interactions Tab

The interactions window now displays both the counselor and client person involved with the interaction. Interactions are also now sortable by Date, Counselor, Client Person and Interaction Type.

More Interaction Information
Interaction Tab Updates

The Resource Navigator®

The New Resource Navigator is Here!

Our biggest enhancement in years is a new version of The Resource Navigator. We are excited to unveil this at the U.S.SourceLink Conference (a little sneak peak bonus for those attending the conference) and anticipate deployment in April and May.

Webplate Now!®

Performance Improvements

In not-so-technical terms, we’ve made improvements which speed up load times on both the front and back-end of the website platform. These improvements were done in February and early March.

For you technical junkies: The platform now comes with pre-compiled widget templates (ascx). This allows for much faster cold start (after first deployment) of the whole site. Back-end screens load up to three times faster than they did previously. Dynamic compilation and loading of close to 800 assemblies in run-time is reduced to one assembly - pre-compiled and shipped with the distribution. We’ve also decreased and optimized the client scripts served by Sitefinity public widgets and removed unnecessary scripts.

Image Rotator Publication Control

This new feature allows site administrators to specify publish and un-publish times for specific images in the image rotator. Administrators may want to use this to highlight a new program, event, or initiative at a specific time.

Image Rotator Publication Control
Slideshow Unpublish Item

File Upload Capability in Forms

A new feature allows you to have users submit files in forms published on your site. You can limit both the number of files as well as file size.

Uploaded files are viewable in the backend under Content » Forms » Responses, right alongside any other information submitted in the form.

File Upload in Forms - Drop on Page
Form File Upload - Back-End

File Upload in Forms - Adjust Settings
Form File Upload - Back-End 2

File Upload in Forms - Front-End View
Form File Upload - Front-End

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Custom sorting has been added to items in a List widget
  • Sorting options have been added in more places, such as Content Grids, Libraries, Categories and Tags, and Page Templates
  • Option to order image libraries by Title
  • Removal of unnecessary Scroll-bars appearing in the back-end screens
  • Ability to set image margins through the Image widget has returned
  • When event approval is turned on, a more descriptive message appears to Resource Partners after they post an event which informs them their event has been submitted and is pending approval