Product Enhancements

Release Notes for 2011.3

The Resource Navigator®

Firefox and Chrome compatibility

Resource Navigator Administrators are no longer limited to using Internet Explorer to maintain their database. Resource Navigator is now fully compatible with the latest versions of both Firefox and Chrome. Yes, fellow Firefox and Chrome lovers, you may now REJOICE!

Combined demographic and service screens

Reducing the number of clicks it takes to get to the good stuff is one way to improve a user’s online experience. To that end, we have combined the demographic and service selection screens.

Action item: With this change you may want to modify the descriptive text on your Resource Navigator Theme.

Customizing Resource Navigator look and feel

We expanded the degree to which you can customize the "front end" on your Resource Navigator, including:

  • Increased text customization: New, customizable descriptive headers appear above the demographic and service selection drop-downs (Step 1 and Step 2 below).
  • The text on the Search for Resources button can also be customized.
  • Options for modifying the background and font color have been greatly enhanced to allow for six-digit hex codes.
  • Drop-down descriptions: Some affiliates have received feedback from users that the options in Resource Navigator drop-downs are not always clear. You now have the option of entering descriptions for all three types of Resource Navigator drop-downs (Demographics, Service Categories and Services).

Combined Demographic and Service Selection screen

Customizing the combined page is done under R.N. Themes

Expanded font and color selection in Themes

Descriptions can now be added to all drop-downs

Opening provider profiles

Occasionally, even the best Resource Navigator administrators can have trouble remembering the exact name of every Resource Partner. Retrieving provider profiles just got easier. You now have the additional option to search for providers by the contact persons first and/or last name.

Resource Navigator database Open Provider window

Tracking search result activity

Resource Navigator has always provided information on the number of times providers appear in search results. Some administrators have asked for more information regarding what happens after the search results are generated. SU465 is a new report which shows the number of times, within a given date range, that end users clicked on various data points in a Resource Partner profile. These data points include:

  • Provider map
  • Provider description
  • Email address
  • Website
  • Provider logo
  • Number of times the profile was included in a printed search results report

SU 465 Click-through report

Helpful end-user error messages

When an end user enters an invalid zip code during a search, Resource Navigator has always provided them with an error message. Let’s face it, even when error messages are needed, vague messages can be annoying. Resource Navigator now provides a more specific message. If a user types in an invalid zip code the system now specifies that the zip code is invalid, so that the user knows which date field needs to be corrected. Additionally, if one of the other required fields are left blank, the user will receive an indication of which field(s) needs their attention.

Specific error message on invalid zip codes


Survey reporting

Biz-Trakker users were previously limited when it came to analyzing the responses to multiple choice questions in Biz-Trakker surveys. The Survey Extraction File Report now fully accommodates multiple choice questions. You can now data mine on multi-choice questions to your hearts content!

Scout reports: valid physical address

One feature some Biz-Trakker users really like is the ability to create mailing labels through Scout Reports. A suggested improvement was to add a parameter that would only include clients having complete mailing addresses (Address Line 1, City, State and Zip code), to limit the number of incomplete ("un-mail-able") labels. To meet this request we have created a new Scout Report parameter, "valid physical address".

Note that this feature can also be used to build survey distribution lists as well. This will be helpful if and when you want to mail paper surveys.

Valid physical address parameter shown in Scout Reports

New Question Library questions

The start of a new year means different things to each of us; new resolutions, new diets, and general self-improvement plans are all as common in a new year as snowflakes in January. For the die-hard Biz-Trakker administrator, a new year means a new round of ANNUAL SURVEYS! To aid our survey gurus on their quest for client data we added several information verification questions to the Question Library. When included in email surveys, these questions display to the client the information on file in Biz-Trakker, and ask the client to review the information and make any needed updates. The data verification questions now include the following:

  • Full mailing address
  • Cell, work and home phone
  • Fax number
  • Email address
  • Web address
  • Month and year business started

Biz-Trakker question library showing client verification questions