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Measuring Social Media Efforts Just Got Easier

Measuring your social media efforts is important. With a bit of wizardry, our team has consolidated key metrics from Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics and those reports are available in Biz-Trakker The Resource Navigator and in the back end of the website, Sitefinity.

You can download .csv files of these reports from your Social Analytics screen. Facebook and Twitter reports let you see which posts generate the most likes and shares. The Google Analytics report provides insights on your web visitors. We are happy to discuss ways to use this information to help you optimize your website. Please contact me to schedule a convenient time.

Webplate Now!


The new calendar released in January received a slew of tweaks and updates:

  1. Category icons once again are color coded in the agenda view. Even better, you can select the colors used on the categories to better match your website’s color palette. Changes are made in the new “Calendar Settings” section in the back-end.
  2. Event titles in the calendar “week view” can be displayed either vertically or horizontally. Changes are made in the new U.S.SourceLink → Event Settings section in the back-end.
  3. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions related to the new calendar, which are located in the new U.S.SourceLink → U.S.SourceLink Help menu. This list of FAQs currently focuses on just the calendar. Check back often as the FAQs expand to include additional website functionality.
  4. A new default distance setting lets site administrators limit default search results to 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 miles from the viewer’s location. The setting is found in the actual calendar widget on your calendar page, as shown in the image below.
  5. The site’s Search field now scans the Calendar including the event provider name and event detail fields.
  6. IASourceLink tracks the number of events on their calendar as one measure of their Network Strength. At their request, the Event Report has a date range parameter, allowing administrators to download all events within a specific timeframe. The report is located on the Content → Events page.
  7. Events appear on the calendar as they are posted (no more timed delays). Edits and deletions to posts show up right away as well.
  8. When administrators post events, the “thank you for posting your event” message includes a link to view the event, providing them with a quick confirmation of the event’s appearance.
  9. Event categories (Business Planning, Marketing, etc.) appear in the event details. Clicking the category allows the viewer to see additional related events.

The Resource Navigator®

Network Matrix Report CT210

Network Matrix Report CT210 displays Resource Partner services by provider, specific to audience served (relevant business stage and industry).


Annual Report Tool Kit

The Annual Report Toolkit (BA408 in Biz-Trakker, SU408 in Resource Navigator) consolidates a variety of metrics, graphs, charts and guidance on building an annual report. Where applicable, the report also shows how your numbers compare with other organizations using U.S.SourceLink tools.

Extraction of Company Information Report EX610

The client’s incoming referral source (“how did you hear about us”) has been added to the extraction report.

Extraction of Referral Information EX623

This newly created Scout Report provides information on both incoming and outgoing referrals, including the incoming referral source (“how did you hear about us”), client name and organizations where the client was referred.

Follow-up Report CL128 and Adding Interaction Notes to Follow-ups

Rhonda Santifer at the Urban League in Los Angeles suggested adding notes to CL128, the report that provides client records that are scheduled for follow-up.

The report now provides more information regarding the nature and purpose of the follow-up.

Also, when Rhonda records client interactions, she frequently uses the Schedule Follow-up feature found on the Interactions window. She asked if the interaction notes could automatically copy into the related follow-up so she can easily review the records. Great ideas, Rhonda, you’ve got it!

Client Type and Status Options on Biz-Trakker Web Email Forms

Web Email Forms embedded in your website are great for newsletter sign-up, submitting questions and adding client data directly from your website into Biz-Trakker. New Email Form settings include options to specify the Client Type and Client Status.

New Impact Metric Added

The Obstacles Conquered section in Snapshots records how you have helped your clients. The section is tied to Email Surveys making it easier to survey your clients and update their record automatically.

In this release, the option of Actually Started a Business has been added to Obstacles Conquered.

Social Analytics - Biz-Trakker

Social Analytics - Biz-Trakker

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