Product Enhancements

Release Notes for 2014.4

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Calendar Overhaul

The events calendar is typically one of the top two visited pages on affiliate sites and is a core benefit to your small business community. Based upon  valuable input from our affiliates, we present to you an entirely new, user friendly calendar. Here’s a rundown of some of the more significant things you’ll experience:
  1. Agenda view: Provides a simple display with tablet and smart phone users in mind. This view provides users with key event details without the need to click or hover, which is important since hovering isn’t compatible with mobile devices. Additional details are provided by clicking through.
  2. Search for multiple event categories.
  3. Automatic distance calculation: We use a bit of wizardry (also known as cool IP stuff via Google) to determine the user's location.This provides the user with the distance to various events. The location can be further refined for accuracy or to search for events around another location.
  4. Distance filter: Users can limit their search to 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 miles. This is helpful for city/region-based affiliates, but is a huge leap for statewide affiliates. By getting rid of multiple regional calendars users get increased visibility to events located in nearby regions but that might be just a short distance away.
  5. Online events: Because online events can be accessed from anywhere, the new calendar allows them to be viewed by, well, anywhere. Tagging events shows the events as being just “0.0 miles away.”

Improved ability for web administrators and Resource Partners to search for and access events

Administrators can search for events in the back-end of the website by date range.

Additionally, once logged, in Resource Partners can access all of their events from both the My Events section and the Calendar dropdown menu.

Increased ability for Resource Partners to edit their events

When creating an event on behalf of a resource partner, your website administrator can “assign” the event to the Resource Partner and their contact information within The Resource Navigator will automatically populate. Resource Partners can then view, modify and delete their events or post multiple events using the batch upload/download routine

  • Edits to individual event: The newly created My Events page displays both recent and upcoming events assigned to the Resource Partner. From here the Resource Partner can view, edit, duplicate and/or delete specific events.
  • Edits to multiple events: The Event Upload Tool page provides an option for Resource Partners to download all events assigned to them in a batch file. From here events within the batch file can be modified and re-uploaded.

Administrators can take advantage of the batch edit tool, too. When administrators use the batch download feature, all Resource Partner events will be downloaded. 

Special note on editing reoccurring events

With the exception of date changes, edits to reoccurring events can now be made via the batch file. Keep in mind that edits made here get applied to all future instances of the event. Please feel free to contact us for more a more detailed explanation on how to edit reoccurring events.

More detailed explanation on batch upload errors

Event Title and Event Date are the two fields that must be populated for events to upload.  If other important information is missing (contact name, email address, etc.), the event will still upload. However, an error message will specify the name of the event and field(s) missing from the entry. 
Auto-formatting of phone numbers

Sometimes the minor details can go far in making things look neat. To ensure consistent formatting across all event entries, the batch upload routine has been tweaked to automatically apply standard phone number formatting: (123) 123-1234.

The changes to the calendar are the most significant changes we’ve made to our platform in years, and it’s a lot to take in! If you would like to schedule a one-on-one review of the new functionality please let us know.

We didn’t limit this Enhancement Release to just the calendar though:
Enhanced automatic sitemap generation

The sitemap generator automates the process of keeping search engines informed about new content and site structure changes, ensuring all the right information is searchable soon after site updates. Anytime new content is added to your site (blog posts, calendar events, etc.), the sitemap updates to reflect the new content.

Predictive site search

The new keyword search feature has been improved to “predict” what the user is searching for as they enter it, guiding visitors to the most relevant information while reducing spelling errors and time delays.

Searches now also scan event details, including the event title, summary and location information. 

New Widget:  Featured Provider

IASourceLink wanted the ability to periodically highlight providers on various pages of the website. The Provider Detail widget has been enhanced to let you display a specific provider’s Resource Navigator profile on the left side bar of any page.

Back-end performance improvements

Back end performance improvements gives quicker load times after updates are applied to your site.

The Resource Navigator®

Services added to provider detail

The full range of services offered by each provider is listed under the Service Description. The formatting on the details page has also been enhanced for a tighter appearance.


Not to leave out Biz-Trakker!

While most of this release was dedicated to the calendar, Biz-Trakker gets a bit of attention as well.

Deleting of Verbal Referrals:  Administrators can now delete verbal referrals from the Referrals Tab. 

New Year Adjustments

Various reports and date-related dropdown fields are tweaked to account for the new year.

Batch file auto-formatting

Phone numbers in the batch upload file get the standard (123) 123-1234 formatting.

Snapshot Outcomes Update

Added ‘Actually Started a Business’ as a snapshot outcome as well as the Client Outcomes question in the Survey Question Library

Biz-Trakker Report Updates
  • EV205: Added an event selector to the top of the report; event registrations display regardless of whether or not sessions have been added
  • AD515: Only show active clients
  • EX613: Survey Extraction Report – Added Client Outcomes; added Satisfaction; removed Unused Fields
  • BA430: Client Date Integrity Report – Only counts industry if not ‘In Business’
Special thanks to IASourceLink, KCSourceLink, Network Kansas and SourceLink Virginia for your feedback.