Product Enhancements

Release Notes for 2014.3

Webplate Now!®

Preventing Duplicate Event Creation in Batch Uploads

Many affiliates use the batch upload routine to upload multiple events at one time. In this release we add functionality to identify event entries sharing the same title and date with events already on the calendar. When this occurs, the upload routine will block the duplicate event from being created and return a message alerting the administrator of the potential duplicate.

Searching for Events

The site’s search feature now scans event titles and locations in search queries.

Recycle Bin

The newly created Recycle Bin automatically stores deleted dynamic content (news, blog posts, events, images, videos and documents) for 30 days.

Back-end Performance Improvements

A variety of performance improvements were made to speed up back-end navigation and editing. 

The Resource Navigator®

Search Results When No Logo Is Available

Previously, the Resource Navigator displayed your organization’s logo in search results where the provider’s logo was unavailable. There are now three options for this scenario:
  1. Display your organization’s logo
  2. Display an empty box
  3. Display a “No Logo on File” message
Modifications to this setting can be made via a drop down box in the Resource Navigator widget.

Sorting Search Results by Distance

Most Resource Navigators are set up so that search results display alphabetically, with an option to be resorted by distance. Based on a request from our friends at IASourceLink, when a zip code is now used in the search criteria the sorting automatically flips from alphabetical to distance sort.

Providers Shared across U.S.SourceLink Affiliates

Some U.S.SourceLink Affiliates share overlapping territories (KCSourceLink and MOSourceLink, Loudoun SourceLink and SourceLink Virginia, for example). In these cases, some providers are “shared” between the affiliate's Resource Navigators, allowing profile updates made by one affiliate to apply to the other affiliate's database. We’ve now added an icon, "shared provider profiles," to more clearly distinguish shared providers.

Creating Resource Navigator Profiles

When creating or modifying a new provider profile in Resource Navigator, entering the zip code now automatically populates the city and state fields.


Optional Registration on Event Invitations

Rhonda at the LA Urban League uses Biz-Trakker to invite clients to various events, including events held by some of her Resource Partners. The event invitations she sent to clients through Biz-Trakker included a “register for this event” option, which didn’t apply to events hosted by other organizations and was therefore confusing some clients. The registration notification in Biz-Trakker can now be turned off when not applicable.

Data Integrity Report Modifications

The Data Integrity Report, BA430 helps administrators identify client records missing critical data elements, such as email address, NAICS code or gender. In this release the report gets the additional metric of Business Stage and becomes available as a Subscription Report. Subscribing to Subscription Reports allows administrators to receive email copies of the report at regular intervals.

Enhanced Merging of Client Records

The recently created Merge Client option only supported merging company records with other company records. A new enhancement supports merging of duplicate individual client records as well as merging individual records with company records.

Improved Identification of Potential Duplicate Records

AD507 identifies client records sharing the same first and last name. The report has been revised to provide additional information, such as their company name and contact information.