Product Enhancements

Release Notes for 2014.2

Webplate Now!®

Creation of Regional or Category Specific Event Newsletters in MailChimp

MailChimp event newsletters can now be created for specific regions, tags or categories of event listings. MOSourceLink recently used this new feature to generate region-specific newsletters (Southwest MO, Northeast MO, etc.). Newsletters can also be specific to technology, finance, or other topic specific events.

Blog Archive

With so many affiliates regularly posting to their blogs a wealth of content has been generated. The new blog archive drop-down allows for quicker searching of older content. Thanks to our friends at NetWork Kansas for providing this suggestion.

The Resource Navigator®

The Resource Navigator Administrator Interface Gets a Facelift

We’ve updated the icons, simplified the filters and options and given the system some of the same tweaks Biz-Trakker received in the last Enhancement Release. One of the bigger changes you may notice is that Resource Navigator no longer opens in a pop-up.

Provider Sync Management

The ability to sync provider information between Resource Navigator and Biz-Trakker was added in a previous enhancement release. New in this release is a Provider Sync section, resulting in easier management and visibility of synced provider data.

Updated Description Page and Content Editors

A new and improved content editor appears on the Description and Logo page. General formatting and spacing have been tightened up, reducing the need to scroll.

Zippy Load times on the Demographics Tab

We reduced the number of queries needed to load the City, County and State tables resulting in vastly improved load times.


Survey Submissions

Sometimes clients skip a few questions when filling out online surveys. Nikki in New York noticed that Biz-Trakker was excluding partial submissions from the Completed Surveys tab. Such submissions now show up on the Completed Surveys tab with a “Partial Submission” designation.

Clarification of Archived People in Searches

In a previous enhancement release we added the ability to archive a person within Company Records (as opposed to deleting the person and their historical information). Archived people still appear in client searches with a “Archived” designation.

Client Record Creation from Intake Form Submissions

Intake form submissions upload as Company Records when a company name is included, and as Individual Records when a company name is not specified. Occasionally, clients enter “N/A” or “Not Applicable” in the Company Name field, resulting in the creation of Company Client Records named “Not Applicable”. To help reduce the likelihood of this we’ve added logic to upload submissions of “N/A, NA” or “Not Applicable” as Individual Records.

New Data Columns Added to Event Attendance Report EV 602

Kathy at Louisiana Tech was running multiple data extraction files to track the event attendee data needed to report to her funders. Adding the columns of In Business and Client Status now allows Kathy to run just EV 602 to get the data she needs.

Client and/or Person ID Added to All Extraction Files

Person and/or Client ID number appeared on most, but not all, extraction files. Having it on every extraction file makes matching up client information from multiple file reports much easier. Thanks to Nicky in New York for this suggestion.

Client Batch Upload Refinements

Users can now specify Client Type, Client Status, Counselor and OK to Email options when uploading a batch file. Biz-Trakker now also accepts both XLS and XLSX files.