Product Enhancements

Release Notes for 2014.1

Webplate Now!® and The Resource Navigator®

Notifications of Partner Profile Updates

Administrators can now receive email updates anytime a Resource Partner updates a profile. To subscribe to notifications go into your Partners Only page, click Edit on the Partner Detail widget, enter your email address and click Save. Thanks to Jenny at KCSourceLink for this suggestion!

Partner Update Email Example

Modifying Resource Navigator Search Labels

IASourceLink wanted the ability to reword the labels on their Resource Navigator search page. Such modifications can now be made by going to Administration and clicking on Labels. Contact for more information.

Formatting Enhancements on Provider List Widgets

For quite some time affiliates have had the ability to display a pre-filtered list of Resource Partners on a page (this can be helpful when you want to list all of your area libraries on a “Research Resources” page, or funding organizations on your “Get Funded” page). In the image below, for example, KCSourceLink outlines the basic steps to starting a business, and then uses the Provider List Widget to display providers who offer relevant resources. This is a great way to provide relevant information on your Resource Partners and have the information update automatically as your Resource Navigator changes. In this release the provider list widget received some formatting improvements.

Creating Forms Using an Existing Form as a Template

The general consensus with forms is that they are pretty simple and straight forward to use. That being said, anyone who has needed to create lengthy or complex forms (like a 64-option bracket for a Battle of the Brands campaign) will appreciate the ability to use an existing form as a base. To duplicate a form, go to Forms, then click Actions next to the form you want to copy and click Duplicate.

Tracking Revision History

Revision history has long been available for the bulk of the content types (basic pages, blogs, calendar, etc.). With this release the revision history for all types of content can be tracked. To revert to a previous version, simply find the relevant content, click Actions in the table menu, and then Revision History. From this page you will be able to view all versions of the content. When you find the one you like, click Revert to this version.

Share Draft Previews

The new preview option allows you to share a preview of a page draft by email. Emailed previews expire after one day. To email a preview version of a page, click on Actions next to the desired page, then Share preview link. You’ll be provided with a link, which you can then copy and paste into an email to your recipient.

Slideshow Improvements

Slideshows are now managed as a unique Content Type and are now located under the Content » Slideshows menu. General ease-of-use refinements make it easier to edit slideshows (add descriptions, overlays, links, etc.). Other improvements make it easier to add videos to your slideshows.

100% Silverlight Free

Silverlight is a fine tool used for playing videos on Macs and PCs. It isn’t very compatible with tablets and smartphones though and has therefore been replaced with HTML5. Videos on your site can now be viewed on phones and tablets just as well as on traditional computers.

Calendar Changes

The calendar tends to be a top driver of traffic for most of our sites, so we dedicated considerable time in this release to improving the user experience:

  • The site-search feature now scans event descriptions and returns related events in search results
  • Social Media share options are included in event details
  • Categories and tags can be added to the event details (provides a hefty SEO boost)
  • Viewers can put events on their calendar with the Add to My Calendar feature
  • Issues impacting time zones and daylight savings has been addressed
  • The batch upload process has been updated with the following:
    • Start/End Times no longer need to be uploaded in military time format
    • More detail is given if and when an event fails to upload properly (i.e., missing a date, title, etc.)
    • All versions of excel files are now accepted (.xls and .xlsx)


Merging of Client Records

Our longest running request ever is finally here! From time to time duplicate client records find their way into Biz-Trakker. Merging them together now takes just a few clicks. Please note that once two records are merged the action cannot be undone. Also note the few items which cannot be merged, as outlined in the image below.

Counselor Selection on Data Import

When importing a batch file of client information, administrators can specify the assigned counselor, in addition to the Client Type and Client Status.

Mailchimp Integration with Intake Forms

Affiliates using the Newsletter Sign-up widget on Webplate Now! can have submissions directly added to both their Mailchimp distribution list and to Biz-Trakker (as a client record). Contact for assistance setting up the integration.

Improved Content Editor

A new content editor has been added to the client interaction page and will soon replace the remaining editors in Biz-Trakker.

Full Window Editing & New Icons

The first thing you'll notice next time you login to Biz-Trakker is the lack of a new popup window. A variety of icons have been updated throughout the system to provide greater clarity of their purpose.

Bug Squashing with Code Cleanup

Pages displaying long client lists (like survey and event distribution pages, for example) would sometimes error out. This issue has been fixed as part of this enhancement release.