At SourceLink®, we understand that developing a truly effective entrepreneurial ecosystem requires an expertly tailored mix of technology, community engagement, and measurement. Since our launch in 2003, we have helped over 100 communities develop their own unique recipe from SourceLink base components and consulting services to identify and connect entrepreneurial resources, engaging them and their constituent entrepreneurs in a process of continuous improvement to drive desired economic impact. Over time, we have built a successful roadmap that communities of all sizes have put to successful use.

Meet Our Team

Meet our amazing team

Dara Macan

Feb 7, 2020, 13:18 PM
Director of Global Partnerships and Engagement
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Dara Macan is director of global partnerships and engagement for SourceLink. Dara is responsible for identifying market opportunities and building relationships with academic, business, government and nonprofit leaders to increase the SourceLink landscape. 

Before joining SourceLink, Dara was involved in leading a multi-state publishing company where she consulted with community and business leaders, economic development organizations, and others, helping them to identify and tap into new markets for their offerings. As a result, Dara’s sales team of experts was able to grow revenue over $4.5 million.

Dara also has firsthand experience starting, and selling, her family-owned commercial cleaning business. In addition to cleaning offices at night, she and her co-owner brother learned how to handle sales to secure new customers, manage accounting and run point on purchasing for equipment and supplies. Whether it is out of financial necessity, the desire to build something successful, or simply to make a difference, she appreciates entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart and has a keen understanding of the risks associated with making the entrepreneurial jump. She leverages this understanding every day in her outreach with economic developers and leaders in how to support their entrepreneurial communities.

SourceLink Dara Macan

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What we know

  • Building Successful Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, One Collaboration at a Time
  • Not all Entrepreneurs are Alike: The 4 Quadrants of Entrepreneurship
  • Best Practices in Spurring Entrepreneurial Growth: What’s Hot Across America
  • How to Assess the Gaps in Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • The Entrepreneurial Dashboard: Is Your Community Hitting on All Cylinders?

Awards and Recognition

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IEDC SourceLink Award

International Economic Development Council

2019 Silver Excellence in Economic Development Internet and Digital Media for KCSourceLink website redesign

2018 Bronze Excellence in Economic Development for We Create Jobs Report

2017 Gold Excellence in Economic Development for We Create Annual Report

Southern Economic Development Council

2018 Merit Award for We Create Jobs Report

2017 Communications Award for We Create Annual Report

Northeast Economic Development Association

2017 Visual Marketing Business Resource Guide - Resource Rail

University Economic Development Association

2011 Excellence in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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